SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The owner of two dogs that attacked a man in Sacramento has been located and he is refusing to have the dogs put down.

“To me I thought I was done,” said Alex Arias, the attack victim. “I was just praying.”

Arias, 22, is alive but badly injured after the vicious attack.

“The right arm. The dog was locked on it,” said Arias.

It was Friday when, Arias says, he was walking near his home in south Sacramento and two huge dogs went straight for him, biting his arms and refusing to let go. After minutes, a passerby was finally able to hit the two dogs with his car.

“I jumped on the top of the roof of the car. We took off, and the dog was following us for like two, three blocks,” said Arias.

Sacramento City Animal Services was finally able to take the 100-pound dogs in, but while our cameras were there the apparent owner of the two Italian cane corsos arrived. After identifying his dogs he was sent home, not allowed to take them back. On his way out he avoided questions but turned around and changed his mind.

“I do sympathize and I apologize but other than that, I don’t know,” he said.

Only identifying himself as Junior, the man told us he used the dogs to guard his home.

“They are great family dogs, so what happened was just the dogs got out of the gate, bit a hole through the gate. I don’t know what happened,” said Junior.

What happened, Arias says, was awful. And as he recovers, Arias says it should never happen again.

“If they did it to me, they could do it to somebody else,” said Arias.

Aria will undergo surgery to repair the damage to his arms. It’s unclear just how long his recovery will take.

Comments (41)
  1. imaroachwithnomorals says:

    We need to wheel his hospital bed right on down to Mexico City!

  2. Daniel Barbieri says:

    Everybody is so quick to blame the dogs. How do we know Junior was not provoking the dogs ? Get a clue people !

    1. MzTx says:

      I don’t Blame the Dog, I blame the Owners for allowing the dogs to get loose.

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