WOODLAND (CBS13) – Some Woodland residents received a rude awakening early Sunday morning during an apparent domestic dispute, but the suspect denies any wrongdoing.

“She was just screaming and hollering. I hesitated to call the police,” neighbor Denise Miller said.

But someone did pick up the phone. Police say around 4 a.m. a neighbor called 9-1-1 to report a woman being chased and beaten by a man with a 2-by-4.

“I was scared because I didn’t know what was happening,” Miller said.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. When police arrived, they found this was more than a domestic dispute. They discovered an illegal marijuana grow inside the N. College Street home. But there was no sign of the suspect, Jose Castellano.

“I have no idea why he ran. He has previous interaction with police,” neighbor Victor Argumedo said.

The victim did not want to go on camera, but neighbors who saw what happened had no problem sharing their story and defending the suspect.

“There was another male threatening to beat him up,” Argumedo said.

“A big old guy was trying to chase him down that way,” Edgar Jimenez said.

Castellano, 23, called CBS13 to defend himself.

“No that’s not true, I did not hit her at all with the 2-by-4,” he told us.

Castellano wouldn’t tell us where he was or meet us in person but claims he did not hit his wife and has a permit for the pot.

“I’m not on the run,” he said. “I’m gonna turn myself in. I just want to make sure people hear my side of the story before I get incarcerated.”

Police say Castellanos is wanted on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, cultivation of marijuana, intimidating a witness and damaging a mobile phone.

Comments (5)
  1. rickh says:

    I hope the suspect doesn’t get arrested. See how the cops just like to arrest us before they will even listen to our side of the story.

  2. rmcsticks says:

    Are you growing or beating your wife ?

  3. woodland ugh! says:

    why does the reporter point out the victim in this clip “the one on the right” you never point out the victim on a newscast! even from the back its broad daylight and a damn small town. As for the alleged abuser phones have GPS and tracking if he was using a cell the cops could find him in a second. If not they might be able to trace the call otherwise. That neighbor should have not hesitated i agree to call, next time some one can get really hurt and it only takes a sec to call. then she admitted to it on t.v. this story is crazy and this news channel is crass to present it the way they did.

  4. jim Claybrook says:

    i really like the charge against the guy for the damaged cell phone.Is that what we pay the police to enforce now??

  5. rickh says:

    You’re right….they are charging him with damaging a mobile (cell) phone….hahahaha wow that’s such a crazy charge. I wonder what it carries. You can certainly see that this arresting cop is pulling out every lame charge he can muster so he can look like the big arresting police officer. What a joke. I never thought, but maybe this cop is a girl….so that might explain all of the BS.

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