SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A woman who was sending text messages while driving on the Capital City Freeway when her car lost control and swerved into a motorcyclist was sentenced to five years in prison on Monday, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office announced.

In October 2011, Sequoia Jones, 22, of Sacramento was driving 70-75 mph while sending and receiving texts when her vehicle struck Robert Wilson, 64, of North Highlands. He crashed his bike and then was hit by another vehicle while on the ground and died.

Jones fled the scene but eventually pulled over with a flat tire. She abandoned her car but the CHP recovered it and tracked her down with information from her license plate number.

Jones pled no contest to charges of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and hit and run.

Comments (11)
  1. Oldcrusty says:

    Five years??? Not long enfough!!! Twenty sounds much more like the real deal.
    Ran from the scene, No remorse

  2. Gene Moore says:

    This person made a conscious choice to do something she knew to be unsafe while driving. She should have recieved the same sentencing that a person driving under the influence would have received.

  3. Later Loser says:

    Why on earth didn’t she at least use her freakin’ phone to call 911 for the poor man she hit?????
    I agree with all of the above ~ distracted drivers should be treated the same as DUI’s. And because this POS tried to flee, she deserves an additional 5 years…

    1. Carl says:

      you know nothing

      1. Rafael says:

        You’re right. She should have been charged with vehicular homicide.

      2. Yes says:

        what does that mean?

      3. Old crusty says:

        Carl , What is it that you would like to share? Do you have some Info? About this story.

  4. Woodlandresident says:

    5 years is not enough but luckily she is going to prison. Then this biotch fled the scene after running this man over? What a heartless and cruel person.

  5. Rafael says:

    “…when her car lost control …”??

    How about when SHE lost control of her car? Probably a terrible driver to begin with but let’s not try to disassociate her actions from the tragic results.

  6. bob says:

    i hope a few of his biker friends look her up when she gets out to say hello

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