Teen’s Mother Confronts Former Teacher Turned Lover On Dr. Phil

MODESTO (CBS13) – It’s a story made for daytime TV: a 41-year old Modesto high school teacher leaves his wife and children after falling for his 18-year-old student.

And Tuesday, one of daytime TV’s hardest hitters took a shot at the couple’s claim that the relationship started after Jordan Powers’ 18th birthday.

“We actually fell in love toward the end of January,” former teacher James Hooker told Dr. Phil on his CBS show. “There was a little bit of hugging, kissing.”

“I didn’t think about him being married, being my teacher,” Powers said. “I didn’t care.”

“There were no text messages, phone calls, secret messages, going to hotels, anything of that nature?” Dr. Phil asked Hooker.

“No,” he replied.

But Dr. Phil appeared to catch Hooker in a lie, pulling up phone records that showed the two were in contact while Powers was a minor.

“But on July 21 there are five text messages between you two between 2:54 and 2:57 p.m.,” he confronted Powers. “That’s not what you just told me. You said up until her birthday no meetings, no texts, no going to hotels.”

Jordan’s mother Tammy Powers also appeared on the show.

“I trusted him with my child and that’s not ok,” she said.

Tammy confronted Hooker for the first time face to face. After hearing of her daughter’s relationship with him, she set up a Facebook page calling out the former business teacher at Enochs High School.

“I think you have no moral compass,” she told Hooker. “I think you’re arrogant, self-servings, selfish. I think you’re ruining my child.”

The frustrated mother has started a campaign to prove Hooker took advantage of her daughter.

“I’m frustrated, angry, but I’m adamant,” she said. “I’m still going to collect and find information to have James Hooker arrested.”

She says she’ll never accept the bizarre relationship despite a plea from Hooker on the show.
“Love is love,” he said. “If it’s over in six months, it’s over in six months. If it’s over in 40 years, we hope you’ll be OK with it too.”
“I’ll never be OK with it,” Tammy Powers replied, prompting an eruption of cheers from the audience.


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