SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento City is spending more than $200,000 to re-plant trees that a city department cut down along the American River Parkway last year.

The city’s solid waste division cut down about 50 cottonwood trees at Sutter’s Landing Park near the American River in October 2011.

The division said the state ordered the trees cut hoping to clear a nearby homeless camp because there were fears that a spark from the camp could spark an explosion from methane gas equipment nearby.

However, solid waste never told anyone in the city or the public they were clearing the trees.

Tuesday night, the city council voted unanimously to spend $217,000 to replace the trees. The city investigation also focused on how to keep something like this from happening again.

The trees will be planted over a five year period.

The solid waste division will absorb the loss over the next seven years.

Comments (3)
  1. stan atkinson says:

    Solid waste is a waste.

  2. SHR says:

    Solid waste as not a waste. The big waste is that they do not file anything first for review. We all need to go to the top officials for this error and hold them accountable and/or change some policies. This is not a first either. All agreements with the City and County are not reviewed either and there are hundreds of thousands of dollars that are not being collected for leases of state buildings and/or properties.Water bills and many other bills are paid by our city when in fact they should be paid by those who are leasing the property. Auditors that’s what we need and a lot of them.

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