SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – As light rain fell Thursday afternoon in an already soggy Sacramento, the accumulation of this week’s storms will start to present some problems.

With nearly no time to dry out – this week’s wet weather isn’t over yet. Storms are predicted through the weekend, with wind gusts up to 21 mph Thursday night and 34 mph on Friday. Saturday could produce some thunderstorms and hail, according to the National Weather Service.

“I have to go to work early in the morning, come home late at night, and it just sucks,” one resident said of the rainy work week.

But while getting around in it may be tough, dealing with the rain at home could be a bigger problem.

“We’re approaching springtime now, and that is when the ground gets saturated and the trees will pull out of the ground,” said John Spurgin, an arborist with Master Tree Service.

His crews were out Thursday taking out a dead tree down in anticipation of more wet weather and looming strong winds – a dangerous combination that can even bring large trees down.

“Right here in Sacramento we’ve had too many cases of trees that killed people,” Spurgin said.

Experts say this is the time residents need to pay attention to the condition of trees around their homes.

The hope now is that the roots stay in place – while many root for more rain.

“I look forward to more rain,” one wet weather lover said. “As long as you got the proper gear you’re in good shape.”

Snow stayed away from the lower levels of the Sierra mountains because of the warmer temperatures, but that is expected to change with the next round of storms.

The snow level should drop to 6,000-6,500 feet by Friday morning and all the way down to 2,000 feet by Sunday.


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