WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A innocent bystander was shot in the face as he left a West Sacramento on Thursday night, hit by a stray bullet from a rolling gunfight between two other vehicles, according to police.

According to West Sacramento police and witnesses, two vehicles were involved in a gun battle for nearly a mile at speeds up to 70-75 mph when the man was leaving Trinity Presbyterian Church at Westacre Road and Park Boulevard and was hit by the gunfire while inside his minivan. The passenger side window was shattered by the bullet and the man was struck in the jaw.

“I heard three distinct shots,” one man said.

Both vehicles were seen speeding off. One of the vehicles was described as a lowered Chevrolet SUV or truck with sports rims and the other a gray minivan.

“Very unusual event in West Sacramento,” an officer said. “We just don’t have those types of events.”

One woman described the wild scene. “The first car, the caravan, went around the corner. The other stopped, ‘Did you see where that car went?'” she said a man asked her. “It was actually traumatic.”

The name and condition of the victim weren’t immediately available, but witnesses say he was awake when taken to the hospital.

Comments (6)
  1. classic... says:

    “Very unusual event in West Sacramento”

    I beg to differ. West Sac is just a code word for Stockton Satellite Office.

  2. Ish Kabbible says:

    wonder if they were holding the jammies sideways- that ALWAYS helps the aim.

  3. twang says:

    I thought cali. had all kinds of gun laws to prevent this sort of thing

  4. the viper says:

    twang it does for law abiding people . not so much for the local thugs.

  5. Parent From Play says:

    wow…this is a really intense story…and what’s worse is that there was a play going on at a school just around the corner when it happened and the kids weren’t even allowed tog o outside to get fresh air because of this…

  6. Lilohme says:

    Oh how I hate to be the person who shot this young man on judgement day. I’m sure where the thug/shooter is headed, they don’t serve ice water there.

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