WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man who was shot outside a West Sacramento church is recovering at home Friday night. His 7-year-old son was with him as well.

This church community feels extremely fortunate. At the time of the shooting, a choir practice was going on and so was a monthly charity project, so the church’s parking lot was filled. He also had his child with him at the time.

“My first reaction was: Oh my God, who was hurt and how badly?” said Trinity Presbyterian deacon Karen Metcalf.

Churchgoers are still reeling from the shooting in the parking lot of the church which is located on the corner of Park Boulevard and Westacre Road.

A stray bullet injured a man driving a minivan who had his young son in the back. The two are lucky to be alive.

“Of course I believe God had everything to do with it,” said Metcalf. “One of our deacons was in the parking lot as well and she did not get hit.”

It happened around dinner time in a quiet West Sacramento neighborhood. Witnesses and police say it was a shootout between two cars.

“I pulled over because I saw another car chasing them,” said one motorist.

“I heard three distinct shots,” said a witness.

Initial reports say it was a church member who was shot, but it was later revealed the victim is a community member in need, picking up food from Trinity’s monthly charity program.

“It hit him in the cheek. Thank God it was a superficial wound and so he’s already at home,” said Metcalf.

Police are still looking for the suspect vehicles: a white lowered truck and a dark gray SUV.

Police are asking for help from the community to help solve this case.

  1. DisgruntledVet says:

    Hopefully they killed each other…just less trash to waste tax dollars on

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