One Person Shot Near Roseville Galleria Mall

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – One person has been shot in front of a restaurant near Roseville Galleria Mall, say police.

The shooting happened around 9 a.m. Saturday out front of Buca di Beppo. Police say the victim was transported to the Sutter Roseville Medical Center. The victim’s condition is unknown.

Police are still searching for the shooter.

A large portion of the parking lot has been blocked off as police continue to investigate.

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  • ndidi

    so low lives needs to be taken off the street. send them to the dumpers

  • Adrie

    It happened closer to 8:30 PM!

    • yerhopeless

      No doubt, and it was a CARJACKING at the Shell gas station parking lot too, not Buca di Beppo. These news people are hopeless

      • Matt

        Well now we know it was NOT a carjacking…it was a meth deal gone bad.

  • Logic_Counts

    According to the 11 pm news on CH 3 there were 3 people wounded in what they called a shootout at the Shell gas station. 4 people in a van/SUV pulled in to get gas. One victim/suspect existed the vehicle, ran toward the parking lot of the mall and collapsed.

    • yerhopeless

      It was a CARJACKING. They just don’t want to use that particular term in conjunction with Roseville, or the Galleria Mall, i.e. high rent district. That would be admitting that they’re just like everywhere else…

      • yerhopeless

        @oh really: Wasn’t ‘trying’ anything, just saying. These guys were wearing ski masks and stole the vehicle at gunpoint, shooting and hitting one of the victims and assaulted the others and commandeered the vehicle from the victim’s possession. That’s a CARJACKING. You’re point is taken, but their lack of the use the word serves to lessen the impact of what really happened. Again, just saying.

      • ohreally

        Because assault with a deadly weapon (or “a shoot out”) is any less scary than a carjacking??? Nice try.

  • Logic_Counts

    Sorry for the typo above. Last sentence should read:

    One victim/suspect EXITED the vehicle, ran toward the parkingt lot of the mall, and collapsed.

  • Sherry

    Does anyone know who they are?? My son lives in Roseville. Plus has some friends there. Thank You

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