Yahoo Sports’s Mike Silver talked about Peyton Manning. Grant and Mike talked about how Manning worked out for and took a physical for the 49ers without anyone knowing. Then he talked about what Manning would do for the 49ers. He said that if he is really back to being Peyton Manning, then the 49ers will immediately become Super Bowl contenders. He said that the 49ers have a great defense to go along with a running game which would allow the 49ers to set up play-action. Mike also touched on where Alex Smith may wind up if Manning goes to San Francisco. He said that Smith fits in San Francisco, but if he stays depends upon his willingness to do so. Another factor in Alex Smith’s future is that he and Peyton Manning are represented by the same agent, Tom Condon.

Another team in the running for Manning is the Denver Broncos. Mike said that Denver has an advantage with John Elway running things for them, because he has an idea of where Manning is at mentally as far as being the best quarterback in the game. While there is a possibility that Manning will have a problem with the bad weather, that shouldn’t deter him from signing there if he thinks he can win. Another issue with Denver is the fact that they have Tim Tebow, and Mike said he could see Tebow getting the shaft in the Manning thing. He said that Denver should talk with Tebow about being a backup and having Manning influence his career in a positive way. Despite the fact that Tebow took the team to the playoffs last season, Mike said that if a team can get Manning, then they should do it.

Next, Mike discussed the Oakland Raiders and how their new front office personnel and head coach will do this season. He said that for a team that has struggled like the Raiders have for the last decade, overhaul and a change of approach is generally good. Mike said that it will be interesting for the Raiders this year as Hue Jackson was a good enough play caller that he was able to get the Raiders around some problems with that. He has questions about whether Dennis Allen will be able to do the same thing. However the Raiders are in the process of rebuilding, and Reggie McKenzie and the Raiders may have to take some lumps while going through the current changes they’re going through.

Mike also talked about NFL free agency, and who was having the best free agency so far. Despite some teams making a lot of signings, Mike said that the Bills have had the best free agency so far. He called Buffalo the “it” team. The Bills were able to land former Houston Texans Defensive End Mario Williams. Mike said that the symbolism of the Williams signing could give them momentum since Buffalo was the only team Williams visited with before he signed. Mike compares that signing to Reggie White signing with the Green Bay Packers. It could the sign of a page turning for Buffalo who looked so promising last year, but got hit hard by injuries and didn’t have the depth to keep up.

Finally, Mike talked about the New York Jets and how things are shaking out with them this offseason. Mike said that the Jets get increased scrutiny when they aren’t successful because of how Rex Ryan acts, and because of where they play. Mike said that the team did well to commit to Mark Sanchez, and that they aren’t in as big of a mess as everyone thinks. While Sanchez has to improve, the Jets can do things to get better as well, and when those things happen, they’ll compete again.


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