MODESTO (CBS13) – The embattled Riverbank city councilman accused of child endangerment and felony drunken driving appeared before a judge Wednesday.

jesse james white1 Riverbank Councilman Pleads Not Guilty To Felony DUI

Riverbank City Councilman Jesse James White appears in Stanislaus Superior Court facing felony charges next to his defense attorney, Mary Lynn Belsher, on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. (credit: Bart Ah You/Modesto Bee)

Jesse James White, 23, pleaded not guilty in his first court appearance.

Last month White allegedly fled a crash and left his 4-year-old son bleeding in White’s banged up Corvette. Witnesses reportedly held him down until police arrived.

According to a court document, White’s blood alcohol level during the incident was .24, three times the legal driving limit.

White declined to comment at the Stanislaus County Courthouse on Wednesday, but his attorney lashed out at the media coverage. When she was asked if White is going to alcohol rehab, Mary Lynn Belsher barked, “That’s not your business.”

When asked how she would prove White’s innocence, she replied, “Well that’s not your concern now, is it? Your concern is selling newspapers, selling airtime.”

White’s critics, including Riverbank Mayor Virginia Madueño, have called for his resignation. She’s also asked that he produce a doctor’s note after missing every City Council meeting since his arrest Feb. 20.

White is due back in court next month.

Comments (5)
  1. B-Safe says:

    his 4 year old son was driving.
    a stranger, wrecked his car, jumped out, and he was giving chase.

    get rid of this loser.

  2. Abraham says:

    This guy is a train wreck and that attorney of his is rather rude I would say. Running off leaving his child bleeding should have put him behind bars, it is everyones business to know why HE is free and still on the city council Ms attorney, boy oh boy someone certainly owes someone a big favor fer somethin in that thar little city now that is what would really be interesting to know what that big favor was. Keep digging reporters.

  3. Cindy Benham says:

    What most of you don’t understand is that he cannot be “fired” from the city council. As an elected official the only way for him to vacate his seat is to resign, which he refuses to do, or, a group of Riverbank citizen’s try to recall him. Yes, he is an embarrassment to the citizens of Riverbank who really care about how we look to others. If you only knew the evil forces behind some of the things that go on in our city as well as our county, it would make you sick.

  4. JackDaniels says:

    One thing is for sure, drunks stick up for drunks in Riverbank.

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