The Grant Napear Show was live today from Power Balance Pavilion as the Sacramento Kings get ready to face the Memphis Grizzles, and try to continue their winning streak and push it to three games. Callers where excited to talk about the Kings recent successes as well as the big news in the NFL today. Peyton Manning made it official with the Broncos as he signed a five year 96 million dollar deal. Callers were excited to explore to pros and cons of this signing.

Joining the Grant Napear show first was Jerome Bettis, with the NFL Network. Speaking first on Hines Ward, who today retired after a 14-year career, all were with the Steelers. “ An incredible player. He was an overachiever. He tried to be the best he could be, and his best was pretty good.” Bettis said when asked his thoughts on Ward. When asked if Ward is a hall of famer Bettis replied, “I think he is a hall of famer. I don’t think it will be early in his eligibility but he will be there.” Switching gears and sharing his thoughts on Payton Manning going to the Broncos Bettis said, “Denver is similar to the 49ERS in the fact that if they could just get a passing game they both could be very good.” He went on to say; “I don’t think they have a receiving core, so the Broncos still have a lot of work to do.”

Next on the show was Scott Howard Cooper, with Speaking first about last in Oakland, when Golden State Warriors fans booed owner Joe Lacob throughout a halftime ceremony to retire Hall of Famer Chris Mullin’s No. 17 jersey; Cooper said, “It was wrong, pick any other night.” He went on to say, “ I understand why fans were frustrated, but that was so over the top and it took away from the ceremony.” Switching gears and sharing his thoughts on Sacramento Kings point guard Isaiah Thomas, Cooper said; “No one knew he would be able to do what he is doing right now. We all thought 60th pick, have a nice run in the D-League.” He went on to say, “Its not what he is doing now, it’s the years after. Isaiah Thomas has become the inspiration for the future NBA players. If anything, he is working harder now then he was early in the year.”


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