SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Wal-Mart has agreed to pay $2.1 million for overcharging customers in violation of a 2008 agreement.

California Attorney General announced the agreement today saying the agreement came after Wal-Mart failed to resolve errors in pricing at checkout stands.

“Consumers should feel confident that the price on the shelf will be the same price they are charged at the cash register,” said Attorney General Harris. “Californians who shop at Wal-Mart should know that they have the right to ask for the appropriate discount.”

According to the terms of the 2008 judgment, customers who were overcharged at the cash register should have immediately received $3 off the lowest advertised price of the item. If the price was less than $3, they were to get it free.

With today’s agreement, Wal-Mart has to continue that program plus put up signs in their stores describing the policy. They will also designate a person in each store to ensure pricing accuracy.

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  1. jean says:

    I hate to shop at Wal-Mart because many times, they would say that the item was in the wrong place — even though everything was newly stocked and items were compressed in the shelf ( I shop in the morning after I take one of my kids to school, it very closed by). I am very particular with the price whenever I purchase or shop, that’s why if I caught the error, I would say something. Most of the time, I would decide not buying the particular item(s). What a waste of time!

    1. Gloria says:

      @jean I go through the same thing at walmart, and whenever I ask the nearest associate their response ranges from slight annoyance to NOT my problem. I find so many items in their Room & Bath section, stocked in the wrong place (wrong place = wrong price). You can’t trust the (large) shelf signs either, CHECK the UPC-TAG # on item to the UPC-TAG # on the small shelf tag, or TAGS as it is in my case usually NEVER FINDING IT, so I just give up or if I really want it then I have to search for a scanner, it’s frustrating…. and to the other poster I always WATCH the price they ‘ring’ up at the checkout, any errors found are corrected but I have never been offered a $3 reduction or given an item for free….I agree they waste my time, and I should get paid for doing somebody’s paid work.

      1. Jean says:

        @Gloria : I was never offered a $3.00 reduction either despite the judgement in 2008. Right, we should get paid for doing somebody’s paid work.

  2. Chris says:

    Never had an issue with pricing at Wal-Mart and we watch each price as it is rang up. Guess we are one of the lucky few.

    1. look look says:

      start looking .. i was thing the same thing … i was just told about this , thursday night and guess what today i went … and yup wrg price … was charged 3.88 for something i knoew was $1.50 …. afthr telling i get it free , woman kinda looked at me `wrired lol but got it free …….

  3. Joseph says:

    I am really confused. I am not surprised they are cheating consumers. But I do not understand the $3 subject. And how exactly do they give 2.1 million back?

  4. Patti says:

    so who the heck gets that $2.1 million?

    1. Nan says:

      That’s what I was wondering.

  5. charlie says:

    so the government gets the money that wal-mart stole from the customers, ie, tax payers. good way to work it obama.

    1. Yes says:

      really, it’s Obama’s fault………….lame!

      1. Gloria says:

        @Charlie has anyone ever called you smart? Not smart- ss just smart …..sorry to burst your bubble.

        They mean State taxes not Fed taxes….you do know…nm, it’s okay, it’s only….money

  6. J Mann says:

    Let me get this straight. First, in 2008, or earlier, Wal-Mart is Fu#&ing customers and gets their hands slapped (Of course, with no pay back to the customers… Wonder where that money went). Then, they do it again, and the fine is going to the State, and not the customers? Scrue them!!! Make them, at their own expense, go back through each and every reciept to find the errors, make them pay that individual customer back, and if it is was cash-sale, make them pay that to the Sate. has identified Wal Mart as a terrible corporate citizen many times… When will this stop?

  7. gna says:

    everybody is a crook in America

  8. Joy says:

    Just compare the UPC of the item to the shelf number. The UPC is found below the barcode on an item. Match that up with the shelf price underneath. If they argue, tell them you personally compared the UPC’s and to have a CSM (Customer Service Manager) verify this for you.

    1. Joseph says:

      I do that whenever and wherever I shop. If they won’t give it to me at the price listed then I just don’t buy it (unless dire emergency). I have not personally had this done to me because I always stare at the checkout screen and receipt. I am more concerned with things mislocated because they were filling in empty spots. Happens every time I go, and I’ve made multiple complaints that of course go nowhere.

      1. Gloria says:

        I agree with Joe I do the same, and find the same problem, because if I’m not serious about MY MONEY then who will be?….but reading barcodes (always untitled) or finding a scanner (more often then not, in my case) 90% of the time there is NO matching shelf barcode to be found. I’m paying them, w/ my money to hire workers to do that job.

  9. cityslicker says:

    They are going to enforce the 3 dollar rule, like it says they were suppose to do in the first place, and this policy will keep going. For how long I have no idea. But you better get in there and shop and watch the totals, so you too can get your $3.00 reduced price or free item….Made in China

    1. Joseph says:

      So they haven’t done the $3 rule yet? I have not heard of it until now. And what exactly is it, your total will always be $3 shorter (or $0) until the end of the campaign?

    2. Stan says:

      I like the Canadian practice. If it scans wrong the item is free, up to a maximum of $10.00.

  10. Teri says:

    They say they price match, but when I took the item to the register ask for proof when I todl them I dont have it they said we cant help you unless you brig in proof. Now their commercial says no questions asked I dont belive that.

    1. misslady says:

      they mean proof as in a flyer from another buisness. anyone can walk up to a register and say “this TV that you have priced at 900$ is on sale at Sears for 500$ so you have to match it”…ummmm OBVIOUSLY you have to show some kind of advertisement proof.

  11. opie32958 says:

    This seems like an example of poor reporting: the very obvious question of who gets the 2.1 million dollars is never addressed. Do reporters just not think of this stuff?

  12. iambicpentamaster says:

    Governor Moonbeam gets the $2.1M to invest on behalf of state pensioners.

    He’s leaning toward Solyndra.

    Sounds about right…

  13. independent says:

    Go to safeway and there’s a lot of items that are like that… Trust me!

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