By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Montana man is being held without bail after he reportedly tried to go through an Sacramento International Airport checkpoint with four loaded guns in his possession.

Transportation Security Administration agents noticed a gun in a carry-on bag belonging to Harold Edward Waller, 45. They then patted him down and found he was carrying a loaded gun in a holster. Two more guns were also found in a full search of his carry-on bag, according to a TSA official.

The incident happened Thursday at about 3 p.m. at the Terminal A security checkpoint.

waller Man Carrying Loaded Weapons Arrested At Sacramento Airport

Harold Waller

TSA agents discovered a total of four loaded firearms: a .45 automatic loaded with 12 rounds in the magazine and a round in the chamber, two loaded 25-caliber automatic weapons loaded with six rounds in the magazine, and a 9mm Smith and Wesson, a TSA official told CBS13.

Waller had 192 rounds of ammo, according to the federal official. Agents also found three knives in Waller’s possession.

Waller had a ticket for a US Airways flight to Phoenix. He was taken into custody by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies located Waller’s vehicle parked off-site and found eight additional firearms, several of which were loaded, according to a sheriff’s press release Friday.

Waller is from Circle, Montana, a town of about 600 people, but has ties to the Sacramento area. He owned a home in Rancho Cordova for a few years while he was receiving medical help for depression in Sacramento but lost the home to foreclosure in 2009.

His mother said he grew depressed after his divorce.

“He was very discouraged, depressed, saddened,” she said by phone from Montana. “His thought process was just all messed up. He did things that didn’t make sense. I know he needs help.”

Airport passengers who heard of the news Friday were shocked.

“There’s a lot of wackos out there,” Ed Franklin said. “You just never know who’s armed and you have to protect yourself at all times.”

The amount of firepower Waller was carrying was especially alarming, another man said.

“That is a tremendous amount of ammunition,” Rob Davis said. “He was apparently planning on doing some damage.”

“Yeah, he’s got some type of agenda,” Jeff Franklin added. “That’s a little scary.”

Waller was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges including unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, unlawful possession of a concealed firearm, possession of an unauthorized weapon in a public building and possession of a firearm within a sterile area of an airport.

There could be more charges added on once investigators determine his intent. For now, Waller is intent on keeping quiet. He refused CBS13’s request for a jailhouse interview.

He’s scheduled to make his first court appearance Monday.

Comments (35)
  1. Charles R. Donaldson says:

    And what was his excuse??

  2. Hope they lock him up for a very long time... says:

    Glad they caught the S.O.B…….

    No telling what kind of damage he would have done…..

    They saved lives today……

    Good Job….. Thank you…..

  3. Brian says:

    Funny, carrying loaded weapons in Arizona is completely legal. We don’t have any idea of this man’s intent, and the article fails to explain if the man went through the security checkpoints or not. He might not have been aware that what is legal in Arizona is absolutely not legal in California.

    On the other hand, I am positive that carrying loaded firearms into any airport is illegal.

    Just not enough information to go by at this point.

    1. JMHO says:

      There is a big difference between what you can do in a state and what the FAA says you can and can’t do on a plane. Only an idiot wouldn’t know it isn’t okay to bring firearms and knives on a plane. He knew what he was doing; the only question revolves around his intent.

  4. dystopia says:

    F… Arizona vs. CA blah blah and all that B.S. ANYONE who in this day and age that would even remotely think it O.K. (much less legal), or those 2nd amendment nutbags who will attempt to codify that bringing that kind of firepower on their person as well as having more concealed in their possession and stlll more secreted in a vehicle ANYWHERE NEAR an airport with the United States without legitimate cause (such as on-duty law enforcement/security/TSA/Air Marshall) is much like this freak from Montana, is an absolute cave dwelling troll, and far too gun nut psychotic by any standard of measure.

    1. Cowboy says:

      Is that what you really think? Or were you just blowing off some steam as you polished off that 5th martini before you jumped into your car to drive home?

      1. Cisco says:

        @Cowboy: We’d expect nothing less from an inbred, cowlick of a sheeit-kickin’ moron such as yourself

      2. Yes says:

        “Cisco” sure told you “Cowboy” cowlick of a putz………..

      3. Cowboy says:

        Well @Cisco & @Yes … of course your of the bent that GUNS are evil … that GUNS kil people … so eliminate all GUNS and those problem will be solved. And then you jump in your Princess Pius Prius after downing your martini lunches and drive downt he road three sheets to the wind endangering anyone else on the road. But GUNS are the problem.

        People are the problem. Not holding people accountable for their actions is the problem. Letting convived felons out of jail because you don’t want to build more jails is the problem. Morons like @Cisco and @Yes are the problem.

        I have the right, guaranteed by the Constitution to own and possess firearms. And with that “right” comes responsibilities. If I fail in those responsibilities, than I should loss the right.

        But driving your car … drinking your lunch … driving while intoxicated … is NOT a right guaranteed by the Constitution … yet you would coddle and kiss the @$$ of those who do because you do those things too and don’t want to be punished … so refuse to punish those who do. You’re just another liberal lacky who cuts off circulation to his brain every time you sit down. The cow that left you as dung in some field doesn’t miss you either.

      4. Yes says:

        Cowboy wanabe, go back to Texas if you want to pretend being a man…….

  5. gna says:

    A human time bomb for sure . . . . that was a close call..

  6. Carolyn says:

    My opinion is that this person is a Survivalist,who is extreme in every way, and
    probably was taking guns to Arizona to stock up somewhere.

  7. B-Safe says:

    very odd.
    need Paul Harvey to fill us in on “the rest of the story”.

  8. freedom says:

    You all missed his point. He is intending on getting free health care and didn’t want those weapons to fall into undesirable hands while he was on holiday.

  9. Cowboy says:

    Seems like a lot of missing information … all that fire power on him … yet he didn’t threaten or try to us the weapons when he was confronted (bad that he had the weapons, good that he chose not to try and use them). And if he made no attempt to use them … what was the purpose??

    His vehicle was in “off-site” parking? Where the heck is that? And if so, how the heck did he get to the airport armed like that? It would imply his vehicle was not at the airport, somewhere beyond the long term lots and off the airport property … can someone explain how he got to where they confronted and arrested him … noting that at least one weapon was clearly visible in a holster on his side … is there someone else involved? Or did no one notice until he was inside Terminal A ??

    Seems like a whole lot is still unknown … there has to be more to this story.

    1. Nunya says:

      Gun grabbing libs created this story dude. This guy was a plant and after the media firestorm he will be released. You can tell by the likes of dystopia up there that this country is headed down the toilet. With the 4th circuit’s ruling against Maryland they are doing everything they can to further instill the ‘people aren’t evil, guns are’ mindset. Sheeple.

      1. Cisco says:

        @Nunya: The only ‘plant’ around these parts is you, vegetable.

      2. Yes says:

        What are you smoking “Nunya” ???

  10. Sam says:

    Thank God for the TSA agents who caught this guy. They do a great job and never get the appreciation they deserve.

    1. K says:

      Cause, you know, it’s not like regular airport security wouldn’t have noticed anything when he went through the metal detector with a gun on his person.


      1. Yes says:

        “K” smh…

  11. Ralph says:

    Sacramento International Airport is trying to kick out TSA and use the lowest bidder for private security. I would hate to image what would have happend if we didn’t have TSA at SMF when this happened!

    1. K says:

      What’s with all TSA butt licking? They were screening bags and using metal detectors long before TSA got involved with airport security and I’m pretty sure they would have nailed this guy either way, especially since he had a gun ON HIS PERSON. TSA has NO place in our airports. Don’t be fooled by stories like this.

    2. Robert says:

      Are you suggesting that the private security we had for decades would not have caught this guy? On what evidence do you base that assertion?

  12. ill0gical says:

    First, they’re not automatic weapons, they’re semi-automatic; huge difference. Second, what he did was actually illegal and he should be prosecuted, but the article is clearly biased and written to induce fear and panic, and that is something I don’t agree with.

    1. Cisco says:

      Yeah, but had he been wearing a turban dressed in a robe, with a long beard, going by the name of Ali, then, of course for you, it would be a palatable fit for a definitive stereotype and thus would make it a story more to your liking then, right?

  13. rebuck says:

    Well said ill0gical, the person was surely not in his right mind and apparently did not threaten anyone.. Don’t convict him before the whole story is known.

  14. George Bernard Shaw says:

    Too many psychos running around these days to permit people to have guns. Those of you who are gun freaks better get a lid on this behaviour or your gonna lose your right to pack heat.

    1. Cisco says:

      @GBS: Well said.

  15. Cisco says:

    His own mother acknowledges his decline and instability. That says it all, right there. Case closed.

    1. Cowboy says:

      Something you are familiar with … right Cisco? Sine your own mamma disowned you years ago … just like your “Yes” man …

      1. Yes says:

        Bite me “Cowboy” wannabe……….

  16. Shane Quimby says:

    First of all…….NONE of his firearms {pistols} were “automatic”. “Automatic” is a journalistic term to make things seem worse than they were. These were all “semi”-automatic firearms. The fact that he was triing to get them on a plane makes no deference, but there needs to be a defination between “auto” and “semi-auto” for the general public.

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