SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A state parks official says only a fraction of the 70 California parks originally slated to close this summer because of budget cuts will actually be shut down.

Michael Harris, the acting chief deputy director for the state parks department, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that agreements already are in place to keep 11 of the parks operating. He says negotiations are under way to protect about 40 others.

He expects California will wind up closing just 15 of its 278 state parks on July 1.

The closures of parks, beaches and historic sites were part of a previous state budget deal and had been expected to save $11 million annually.

Harris says agreements are being struck with concessionaires and nonprofit organizations. He spoke after testifying at a hearing.

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Comments (8)
  1. cct24 says:

    is there a list of parks that will not close?

  2. rick cline says:

    thay are doing a good thing in sacramento

  3. Fred says:

    The Dems chant of “The sky is falling! We have to raise taxes!” has once again shown to be lies – as usual.

  4. hossfol says:

    We should not be closing a single park in Ca. We, the people should demand that our tax dollars are spent wisely. Cedillo’s BS dream acts are definately NOT wisely spent tax dollars and are the reason that I will NOT vote for an increase in taxes ever.

  5. Yes says:

    No New Taxes, live with your means!!!

  6. Yeah says:

    Is there a list of the ones that will still be closed or the ones that will stay open?

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