SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Call it the Maloofs’ missing millions.

More than $3 million the Kings owners say they will not pay in so-called “pre-development” money for a new downtown arena. This would pay for things like the environmental impact report.

As outlined in this non-binding agreement, the city says the Maloofs will fork over $3.25 million and the city will pay $6.5 million.

But the Kings owners say there was never a finalized agreement and they shouldn’t have to pay these up-front costs.

“It’s part of the negotiations,” George Maloof said. “We’ve always maintained that this is a negotiation.”

Their Los Angeles-based attorney issued this statement:

“The long-standing position has been that the Sacramento Kings would be a tenant in an arena owned by the city and managed by an outside company. Pre-development costs are not the responsibility of the tenant.”

And faster than a follow-up dunk, this thing has gone from tears of joy, to fears and skepticism.

Mayor Kevin Johnson issued this statement:

“The Maloof family looked an entire room in the eye and promised their commitment to Sacramento. In light of the Maloof’s promise, we fully expect all parties to live up to their commitments.”

Cue the NBA, David Stern stepping in again to give this deal a nudge. Just hours ago, the NBA confirmed to CBS13 the league will front the first installment of the $3.25 million to keep this deal from dying.

Brought back to life in all of this? Talk of a possible move to Anaheim is still in the mix, according to multiple sources. And many fear this so-called king-sized deal has turned into one royal pain.

But George Maloof says the family is still committed to Sacramento.

“The way we look at things, nothing’s ever a deal breaker if you have the desire and the intent, which we do,” he said.

Comments (24)
  1. swim says:

    Imagine that, set a loser team up with a new quarter billion dollar deal and the Maloof’s cry over the 3 mill they have to fork over. It’s not even the entire amount they already promised to pony up. Even if they get everything they want they still refuse to sign anything saying they will even keep the Kings around. It’s a rip-off no matter how you look at this deal.

  2. What a bunch of Jerk Offs says:

    What’s the problem?????

    The Maloof’s & Johnson have spent more than that in one night of….

    CRACK TIME………..

    I don’t feel for any of them at all…..

    Who the hell cares anymore???????????

  3. Jim says:


    Big hat no cattle. For sure, they hsve wasted their family money.

  4. classic... says:

    only about 1% of population attend (or can afford to attend) these games – why is City of Sacramento so hell bent on pushing this down peoples throats for the marginal benefit. employment? umm…sure 50 new low paying jobs, revitalize downtown? enforce the current vagrancy laws and sweep the hobos down the river, prestige? of having the second worse team in the league that only sells out when the big names come to town.

    1. Castlesnow says:

      Thank you, you hit the nail on the head!

    2. Peanut says:

      Its not just about the Kings Idiot. Its about the Kings and other events, Concerts, NCAA, etc. It will bring alot of outside money to Sacramento………….

  5. Easterbun says:

    6.5 million for pie in the sky while public services are being cut and we are being lied to constantly by our legislators who say the state is going broke so we must raise taxes to stay afloat, vote these dishonest people out of office.

    1. Castlesnow says:

      Thank you and very well put! Money, greed abound in this venture and we the taxpayers and the destitute have to live cuts in education, police and fire services, unemployment, etc, etc.
      Should’nt we all be more concerned about everyday necessities, such as everyday life needs, rather than entertainment. The jobs that will be generated iare low paying service jobs and those hired will probably have to work another job, just to pay for shelter.

      1. g says:

        Get informed. Yiou have no credibility. You are just a whiner.

      2. Yes says:

        “g” what’s Yiou ?

  6. Leothelump says:

    My God kick these jerks out of town!!!
    The city is stupid trusting these morons and thieves.
    It makes one wonder what the mayors IQ is.
    Hes’ a glad handing, shifty moron also.

  7. RT says:

    I’ll bet the Kings Head South, the writing on the wall is becoming clearer!!!!

  8. J says:

    “money for a new downtown arena”? Got an arena in Natomas?

  9. Bill says:

    Just tell the Magoofs to pack up and get out of here. Personally I think if the tax payers have to build the arena, we should get $5.00 tickets to go to the games. Why are we going to foot the bill so those jerks can get richer. Wake up Sacramento!!

  10. g says:

    Any of you whiners ever negotiate before?

    1. swim says:

      Negotiations are one thing. Considering the Maloof’s are getting a quarter billion stadium for 17 mil without having to commit to even keeping their team there and then crying over 3 million is just outrageous. WE ARE LAYING OFF POLICE AND FIREMEN

      1. g says:

        Get informed. No tax dollars are being used. Sacramento would own the arena. What you don’t know could filll a book

      2. Yes says:

        “g” for gullible!!!

  11. Scott says:

    That’s it, morons, it’s all about the Maloofs and a basketball team. That’s it… we’re laying off cops and teachers because we rich people want some hoops.

    My God you people are stupid.

    1. g says:

      Scott. Ignorant, be thy name.

  12. Whitey says:

    How much longer are you going to call this an arena for the Kings instead of what it really is… an entertainment complex for the Sacramento area?

    Swim… people like you are the problem. Do you really believe we’re using money to build an arena instead of hiring cops? Do you honestly think that?

    May I suggest you get yourself informed? An uneducated mind is dangerous.

  13. Scott says:

    No, g, sarcasm be thy name.

  14. Yes says:

    He told you “g”………………g for gullible!!!

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