Local Rallies Held In Support Of Slain Florida Teen

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Scores of supporters showed up at William Land Park in Sacramento Thursday afternoon wearing their hoodies in support of Trayvon Martin, one of several events in the region honoring the slain Florida teenager.

The 17-year-old high school student was shot and killed by a self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain named George Zimmerman in late February.

capitol trayvon Local Rallies Held In Support Of Slain Florida Teen

Members of the state Senate and Assembly listen as Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell addresses reporters on Thursday as they don hoodies in support of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin. (credit: Senator Roderick Wright's office).

“It starts with us teenagers first. Because we’re mad at zimmerman for killing him, but we still got black youth killing each other and it’s just not right,” said Angel, who spoke at the rally.

“And we need to lead the example for everyone… Together before tragedy hits like this,” said Rod Bryant, who participated in the rally.

“If it happened to me, I would want someone to stand up for me as well, and doing the same thing and rally for my son,” Jennifer Dossman said on Wednesday.

For that reason, Dossman has helped organize a rally called “1,000 Hoodies 4 Justice.”

Martin was unarmed, wearing a hoodie and carrying a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea when Zimmerman spotted him and called police to report him as being suspicious. Zimmerman has not been arrested and told police he acted in self-defense when Martin attacked him, knocking him to the ground.

“Things like this happen in Sacramento all the time,” Dossman said. “It happens all across the world, and we all need to stick together to ensure that this doesn’t happen anywhere.”

At the state Capitol, lawmakers also showed their support by wearing hoodies on Thursday.

“The tragedy of a young man’s untimely and unfair death is being compounded each day by the hateful and hurtful comments of those seeking to deflect blame from the neighborhood vigilante who killed him, and by the failure of law enforcement officials to seek justice for his murder,” said state Senator Curren D. Price in a press release Thursday after he and his colleagues wore hoodies at the end of the legislative session.

“It’s an outrage that a young man with a hoodie and some Skittles could be determined to be worthy of capital punishment in the United States in 2012,” state Senator Roderick Wright said. “Trayvon Martin was killed because George Zimmerman assumed a black teen walking in his neighborhood must be up to no good and took it upon himself to serve as judge, jury and executioner.”

Another Assembly member compared it to the Civil War era.

“Why in America almost 150 years after slavery is an African-American life not valued the same as its white counterpart,” Steve Bradford said.

There was also a rally at noon at Grant High School and at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, and an afternoon rally at Stockton’s Martin Luther King Park.

The Del Paso Heights rally was organized by two high school students who were upset with what had happened in Sanford, Florida, and told CBS13 they wanted to bring attention to the case.

“We just want to bring awareness to the community because of lot of things happen like this and they go unnoticed,” rally organizer Crystal Delgado said.

“My brother always wears a hoodie and he’s been pulled over more than once because of his hoodie,” added the other organizer, Haley Davis.

Victor Hermann brought his two young children to the rally to teach them a lesson early in life, that racism still exists, he said.

“The guy (Zimmerman) should really be arrested,” he said. “He shouldn’t have the right to take the law into his own hands.”

Wednesday on Capitol Hill in Washington, a representative from Illinois was reprimanded for wearing a hoodie on the floor.


One Comment

  1. RushLimbow says:

    Should I wear my white pointed hoodie that I use at night ?

  2. tazman666 says:

    No one knows the facts, only the two involved. It is interesting how the “victim’s” attorney immediately yells RACISM, Isnt that the way it goes anymore. If the roles were reversed and Martin had beat Zimmerman to death, would we even hear about it? Also interesting is that Martin’s attorney indicated this is a black/white issue although Zimmerman isn’t even white nor does he look white. Again, another person to yell racism.

    Where is the ACLU, new Black Gorrila family, Sharpton, Rev. Jesse, etc., and why don’t they hollar when Hollywood promotes gang violence in movies, black rap singers promote hate against their own and other races, defiance of authority, etc? Is this a one way street? Is racism only a one way street? NOT! I cant begin to tell you how many times I have stopped minorities, black included, that despite breaking the law, the first thing out of their mouth is that I’m a racist and only stopping them because of their color.. simply BS! Everyone seems to want to make an excuse anymore without being accountable for their actions.

    I don’t know what happened in Florida, I was not there. Neither was anyone who posted on any media outlet and neither were the attorneys. I see a lot of posts slandering both sides, as well as media portraying Martin as an innocent 13 year old and Zimmerman with dark eyes and looking like a serial killer. All I can say is it is sad that society claims to be “civilized” and advanced, yet resorts to allegations based on prejudice, bias, and emotions and is soo easily swayed by media who would rather sell a story than present an unbias story. This is tragic for all involved and it seems good ol’ “civilized” people in the USA are jumping to conclusions without knowing all the facts.

    There used to be a saying, “If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck” Soo many people these days want to look the part of a gangster, act like one, intimidate people based on a desire to be lawless, yet expect to be treated fairly. I do think you should be able to wear what you want, but if you present yourself in a certain way which may lead others to believe you are up to no good, be prepared. Again, that is not a judgment on Martin, I was not there and wearing a hoodie does not make one a gangster or criminal (for those of you who want to jump on that comment).

    Perhaps if Martin had just continued walking and phoned the police himself, would this have happened? Or did he take it upon himself to confront Zimmerman for following him, then resort to violence rather than speak? None of us know that, and based on the posts, there is a lot of assuming. The facts will eventually come out, one way or the other. I can only imagine what will happen if Zimmerman is found not guilty or the case is not brought before the courts. Martin’s father said he just wanted Zimmerman to stand in court for what he did, what happens if zimmerman if found not guilty? Riots? Nieghborhoods torn apart? Looting? I don’t think anyone will win in this situation, and the sad thing is, both of those two lost no matter what.

  3. Bob says:

    I thought it was inoocent until proven guilty. Our relcted lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves. We are already lynching this guy before he is even arrested. No one really knows what transpired down there. People need to tkae a step back and let lsw enforcement do their job.

  4. Bob says:

    Sorry for my spelling. I meant elected lawmakers. Also law enforcement.

  5. theTruth says:

    How come if a confederate flag is flown that person is a racist, but if someone thinks someone is a thug because they dress like one it’s profiling?

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