SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – People lined up and are waiting until Saturday to get free healthcare; and surprisingly, many of them are employed, but still can’t afford it.

“I need healthcare. I just can’t afford it,” said Jessie Duncan.

Duncan is a healthcare worker herself, but she’s only getting about 20 hours of work a week as a certified nurse’s assistant. She’s not making close to enough money to pay for things she needs.

“It’s hard when you can’t buy things like glasses, I need, and get your dental work done. It’s really hard,” said Duncan.

Duncan is one of thousands waiting, some even overnight, for free healthcare at Cal Expo.

Stan Brock is the founder of the free clinic called Remote Area Medical. He says a good number of patients here have jobs, and some even have insurance.

“You may have insurance but usually it doesn’t cover dentistry and vision care,” said Brock.

Marco Valderrama’s story is a tough one.

“I work from 7 a.m. till 12 at night,” said Valderrama.

He works two jobs, but he doesn’t have health insurance.

When asked if he could afford dental care Valderrama said, “Not when you make $9 an hour.

Valderrama says he has to take care of his parents and his wife, who has had five surgeries to fix a problem with her colon.

He has nothing left over to take care of his teeth, or to get the glasses he needs to see.

“I’m just using the little I make, just to make ends meet,” said Valderrama.

Some people will be here all night, well worth it, to get healthcare they just can’t afford.

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  1. marta says:

    Guess what newspaper is not reporting this health clinic? The Sacramento Bee! Guess who are the politicians volunteering or helping? NONE, no politicians are volunteering or helping! Why should they care when they have taxpayer cadillac healthcare.

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