SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – “It was like a grenade,” said customer Charles Maddalone.

Gunfire was replaced by something even louder at a Vacaville shooting range.

“Never seen nothing like that,” said Jose Rodriguez.

It started around four o’clock when shooters at the Center Mass Shooting Range reported trouble on the range.

“Just heard a couple pops and cracks and you could look on the side of wall and see that a flame was burning,” said Maddalone.

Customers like Maddalone dropped their firearms to get an employee.

“He was getting ready to walk back there with a fire extinguisher and put the fire out but it just blew up. It was a big boom that makes you close your eyes; you could feel it on your chest,”
said Maddalone. ”

Something inside the range had caused two separate blasts one right after another, putting a gaping hole in the nearly one-foot think cement floor inside.

Firefighters and a bomb squad responding to the scene, treating one person hit with flying debris.

“There was gunpowder that had seeped into the cracks or something,” said Maddalone.

But according to police, they aren’t sure exactly what happened.

“The bomb squad people right now they’re hesitant to say that the gunpowder had anything to do with, at this point right now they’re investigating,” said Sgt. Charlie Spruill of the Vacaville Police Department.

PG&E crews responded to the scene to rule out a gas leak, which they did.

With no comment from the range itself, an investigation is now on to find out what caused a huge unintended bang.

“I feel real lucky, you could feel the concussion of the explosion,” said Maddalone.

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  1. onthestreets. says:

    LOL..You get a hoodie for that!

    1. Yes says:

      You have a “hoodie” booner don’t you…………….

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