SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Hundreds came out to support the life and legacy of the late California labor leader, Cesar Chavez.

“We do this march every year to tell elected leaders and the people of Sacramento that the reason Cesar Chavez was organizing farm workers in the 1960’s 70’s 80’s are still here with us!” said Gabriel Torres, an organizer for the event.

Despite the wet weather, organizers were not letting a little rain stomp on their parade. Signs were waved as supporters marched from Southside Park in Downtown to Cesar Chavez Park.

Many are hoping that labor movements like this one, and others across the country, can live up to Chavez’s legacy.

“We need to demand more funding for social services, more funding for law enforcement, more funding for schools, and more and better wages for working people,” said Torres.

This strong message has some hoping it will remind others of what Chavez stood for.

“The big message is ‘Yes, we can!’ All the people can! We just need to unite and be together. We need justice, we need peace!” said Rick Guerrero, a marcher.

From dancers to activists, this monumental holiday is not just a day to educate. It’s also a day to celebrate what the California leader did for farm workers everywhere, something supporters believe Chavez would have been speaking out about today.

“I think he would have continued doing what he had done in the past, traveling, making people aware, and fighting for their rights!” said marcher Amelia Zamora.

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  1. insac says:

    Oh yes.. Gimme, Gimme Gimme

  2. insac says:

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  3. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    Let’s face it. The mexicans have taken back California. The great state I was born in and lived for 58 years. I finally got fed up with all the liberals bending over backwards to give, give, and give some more to the mexicans. It seems like they are never satisfied with what they get. They have more than any white person, yet they want more. Let me tell you all something….. Idaho is not like that. I suggest to all who is fed up with all the B.S. in California…… move to any other state and see the difference. California is a lost cause.

    1. outofhere says:

      Idaho ! Its all good in Georgia ! Couldn’t be happier to be out of Cali !!

  4. wheresyourpapers says:

    Hey Neighbor! How are things? see any latino gangs yet? lol

  5. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    LOL ……….. HEY PAPERS !!! ……..What Up My Brother?

    Funny you should ask…… My little town just busted 4 wannabe mexican gang members from another town. A little tag here and there and within 4 days they were busted and in jail. They were from mexican familys that migrate near here for crop season. Our P.D. stpped on them real fats and hard.

  6. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    typo ….. “stomped on them real fast and hard”

  7. Nova Felch Mastrogiovanni says:

    You want more?? We can’t pay for all the freebies and benefits you get now, at my expense as a taxpayer!

  8. Me says:

    Were any of you aware that Cesar Chavez was against illegal immigration ?

  9. Me says:

    its сockfight Rudy don’t be scared to write it

  10. ............... says:

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Hundreds of illegals came out to support the life of anchor babies and legacy of the late California labor leader, Cesar Chavez.

  11. ..............., says:

    It’s funny when pictures of some latino event comes up, There’s always a pictures of latino women pushing strollers.. Must be nice to get paid to breed.

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