By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Just a month ago the Maloofs stood in front of a standing and cheering crowd in celebration, so this is a stunning PR reversal.

With Joe Maloof seemingly avoiding answers at Monday night’s Kings game, that handshake agreement on All-Star weekend now seems all too long ago.

The $391 million proposed arena is now stuck on a $3 million pre-development payment the Maloofs won’t pay.

The Maloofs’ new Los Angeles attorney, hired two weeks ago, sent out a statement Monday:

“The Kings saw the term sheet, one week before the deadline and the Kings made it very clear to all parties that we are not going to pay pre-development fees. That is one reason why we have never signed the term sheet.”

In fact no one signed the term sheet. It was a handshake agreement on all sides that is now in dispute.

Sacramento City Councilman Jay Schenirer and his colleagues are set to vote Tuesday on the city’s part of the pre-development costs, $6.5 million.

“I do want to make sure that before the city puts out significant dollars we know where everybody is. That includes the Maloofs, the NBA and (proposed arena operator) AEG,” said Schenirer.

Meanwhile fans are left to wonder, did this long-shot deal just land in the waste basket?

“Sometimes it seems like there’s so much going on behind closed doors. As a fan you don’t really know what’s going on,” said Chris Wooten, a Kings fan.

Comments (13)
  1. the viper says:

    if the owners of the kings can’t comment 3 million dollars to start the pre-development of the new arena .then they wont have the money to get better players . sacramento and mayor johnson and his staff has done everything the nba and maloof’s has asked for.when is its the maloof’s turn sac is needing the 3 million to start the pre-development.its about time to pay to play maloof’s.
    maybe the maloof’s have heardthis sayin befor at their casino/s go big or go home and put your money where your mouth is .. the ball is in your court now maloof’s you want to play in sac. or maybe we will get to see a sad ending to the kings .cus we fans are loyal,respectful,diehard kings fans but you are attcking like a bunch of spoiled rich kids. we the king fans could a sac kings jersey burn day. and there will be no more fans ..

    by the way we have the lakers clippers and the golden nuggets in california why should we have to watch a AA basketball team try and act like a pro nba team when the owners dont give a rats a$$ .besides its not like 3 million will hurt your pockets ,you make 3 million from friday to monday at your casinos.pat to play baby .its put up or shut up time .

  2. mike2 says:

    They have done every thing, ya right except to tell the the citizens they are going to have to pay for this boondoggle without consent, that is like strangers going into your bank account without your consent and taking your money, no differance what-so-ever.

  3. Phil says:

    The fans are starting to see the Ma Loof’s for what they really are, cry babies. Maybe rich, but not sure anymore. They want everything handed to them like they can’t be replaced? It’s time to rethink what the Ma Loof’s have to offer with out the AEG.

  4. Whitey says:

    Viper, you’re not even literate. I can’t read what you wrote… let alone understand any point you’re trying to make. What language is that? Understand this, though… the Lakers don’t care about you. The Clippers have only been competitive for 15 minutes and the Warriors are as exciting as your IQ… especially after just trading away their best player.

    Mike2, you have no idea what you’re blabbing about because you’re uninforned and uneducated about the project. Did somebody come and ask you for money to build it? Did you give the mayor your ATM pin number? Moron.

    Phil, why are you jealous because they’re rich? And exactly how do you replace owners? Are you even aware of the millions they’ve agreed to put towards this already? Do you think another team really wants to come here when Sacramento hasn’t come through on a new venue in about 10 years? Your last statement shows how totally ignorant you really are. “Maloofs offer without AEG?” What does that even mean? Do you think owners fully pay for arenas in other cities? You’re as uneducated as the other two sheep here. Get a clue.

    Do you D-Bags understand this arena isn’t for the Kings? Do you get it?! They rent the building 50 nights a season. Why do you morons not comprehend it?

    The development money should have been ironed out but it doesn’t make sense that a tenant pay for development costs. If the complex services the community then the community should bear those costs.

    I guess we always have the option to sit around crying about how bad things are and how much we hate the Maloofs and players because they’re more financially well off. I’m not here to stick up for the Maloofs but, if you’re going to bag on them, at least know what you’re talking about.

    1. stan atkinson says:

      Whitney: stfu!

      1. Yes says:

        Thanks “stan” your reading my mind…………….

  5. LULU says:

    Cry babies and Money . who needs the Kings……… seriouzs it all about the benjamins. and sac cant afford it. they need more then the kings. they need police and health. it totally wrong. and one more they want to put it out in downtown sac. WASTE. Natomas was good. And what about our Horse Races , Come on something is not right. GET THE HORSES IN CAL EXPO STARTED DONT NEED KINGS> HARNESS

  6. LULU says:


  7. LULU says:

    maloofs spoiled and they should go back to vegas. cry dont fall for it. sick of gov. kissing up. we need to work on cal expo and our inner citys. shows how greedy people are. we need to build up our sacramento what they thinking.
    Take there behinds back to Palms Casino which they own. it all about money
    this plan is millions for a arena . and it dont do good. we need to help others.

  8. Whitey says:

    Lulu, you’re another one that writes as if English is your third language. You can’t spell and it took you 3 posts to get your point across. That’s why idiots like you are dangerous.

    “And it don’t do good?” Are you really that stupid? Tell you what… next time mom comes down to the basement, bringing you another snack, have her unplug your internet.

    1. stan atkinson says:

      Whitey: stfu!

  9. Andy says:

    as usual…pretty pictures of stuff that never gets built. An arena downtown would of looked nice next to the twin 54-story condos. oops! they didn’t get built either. just like Lukenbills stadium. get my point?

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