SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A jury convicted two men of murder Monday in a shooting outside a restaurant and bar owned by former Sacramento Kings player Chris Webber.

Nicholas Newsome and Sean Joyner, both now 23, were found guilty of second-degree murder for the Oct. 24, 2009 shooting death of David Blanks, 22, at the parking lot outside of Center Court, which has since closed.

The were also found guilty of the gang enhancement of committing the murder for the benefit of the Oak Park Bloods, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office announced.

Newsome and Joyner were in the Center Court parking lot while a rap concert played inside that night. When the bar closed, Blanks, who was a member of the who was a 29th Street Crips gang, walked with his fiancé and another couple to their cars where they encountered the group from Oak Park.

After a brief exchange of words, the defendants pulled out a gun and shot Blanks six times.

Sentencing for both defendants is set for April 27.

Comments (6)
  1. Sounds like no loss says:

    One less gang banger out there breeding with a Welfare Queen.

  2. wellda says:

    Second degree murder????? Should be first degree with death sentences for both!!!!

  3. bigfoot says:

    2 fools convicted of murder for a public service homicide. It dont get much better than that.

  4. lawdawg says:

    Mr. Bigfoot you are hilarious!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! I think you should copyright the “public service homicide,” or otherwise now known as P.S.H. Genius.

  5. Yes says:

    3 down, many more to go……………

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