FAIR OAKS (CBS13) – The UC Davis Medical Center owns a nature-filled piece of land on Fair Oaks Blvd near Sunrise.

They want to sell it for as much money as they can get, but the people, who live around the area, aren’t too thrilled.

This eight acre former olive orchard is filled with elms and oaks, even palm trees line the roadway leading up to the old Davis Ranch. It’s now a vacant home from the early 19th Century, donated to the Medical Center. The Davis family is long gone, but the wildlife stuck around.

“We get deer every single day. They come out here and back through the property,” said Leslie Abbott.

Living next door for 30 years, Abbott takes pride in her tranquility.

“It’s private and secluded and a dead-end street great for kids. We raised our three kids here and it was just incredible,” said Abbott.

However, Abbott could be getting a lot of new neighbors. A developer could be the buyer and builder with plans of tearing down 400 trees to make room for up to three dozen homes.

“For 55 years these houses have been here. There hasn’t been a problem,” said Abbott.

They’ll be bulldozing make way for a new road.

The final wish of the last two Davis daughters is to help pay for medical students to become doctors. Now, a debate over a donation will pave the way for some students while disrupting the serenity of neighbors.

“I’ve seen where they build two story property right against yours and that would be tragic,” said Abbott.

The county has to vote on the plans but has already warned the neighbors that change is coming.

There will be a public meeting in four weeks.

Comments (6)
  1. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    I have seen that property. It’s a shame that the Davis Family left it to such a greedy group of people. That is one of the last area’s in fair oaks that should be preserved, and not torn down. Turn that area into a wild life preserve/sanctuary/park.

    Keep old fair oaks alive by not letting UCDavis Med Center sell it off. Put Pressure on them to donate it to the county as a perminate wild life area. With a writen promise never to sell or let it be developed.

  2. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    So much history has been lost to development. I grew up in Sacramento county, and watched it grow from a great wide open place, to a compact crime ridden haven. Old Fair Oaks was one of the last pieces of the past that was like going back in time. Please everybody……try to block the sale. Pressure the Med Center into keeping it like it is.

  3. Jerry Drawhorn says:

    Greed? The Davis Family donated the land as a behest to pay for medical student tuitions. Unless the community wants to pay for the land to preserve it then keeping it as a free preserve doesn’t fulfill that behest. Most of the people who live out there now live on land that had a similar character – but was developed. NIMBYism and hypocrisy at its worst. Maybe the neighbors should offer a tax to pay for tuitions tothe UC Med students tuitions?

  4. Bugs says:

    Its there land to do what they want it was left to them not you! the Davis family donated it to help pay for medical student tuition’s so why don’t you go to these students and tell them they cant go to school because you don’t want it.Talk about who’s greedy and if your so worried about what happens in California then move back other wise go save a potato.

  5. bill clinton i did inhale says:

    hey this family last wishes is for land and monies for young doctors,but i bet its going to pensions

  6. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    I worked for UC Davis Med Center for almost 15 years. I got to know MANY of the students, interns over the years, and watched them graduate to become Drs. That money that is collected for the sale of that home and property will not go to helping the students. The Med Center will keep that money just to pay for perks or new furniture for the administration staff at the hospital. The students pay huge tuitions to the University, not to the Med Center to become Drs. The Med Center has their own budget seperate from the University in Davis. Any property donated to the Medical Center stays at the Medical Center and does nothing for the students. And believe me….. The Medical Center will not give any of that money to help the students. And by the way Bugs……. Nevermind, I will just get my post removed if I say what I want to right now.

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