SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Mayor Kevin Johnson and the Maloofs are completely at odds over pre-development dollars. It’s money that would be spent on environmental and design work.

The Maloofs say it’s not fair to pay $3 million for that, because they’ll be tenants and not the owners of the arena. But, taking a look at another facility that was recently built, the tenant did agree to pitch in for this cost.

The city of Orlando built the Amway Center for $480 million and CBS13 has confirmed that the tenant, the Orlando Magic, did provide pre-development dollars as part of the deal.

For now, the NBA will cover the Maloof’s share of that cost until the issue is taken up at the NBA board of governor’s meeting in New York in mid-April.

All of this has caused Sacramento City Council to question how serious the Maloofs are about building a new arena for the Kings, and Johnson has even started talking about “Plan B,” which would involve keeping the Kings in Sacramento, but dealing with a new owner.

The Maloofs have always said the team is not for sale.

“The Maloofs are working to resolve these issues with the city. That’s the goal. They are not going to negotiate this deal in the media,” a Maloofs spokesperson told CBS13.

He also confirmed the Maloofs will attend the NBA meeting in New York. The NBA says a report on Sacramento’s arena will be presented at the board meeting, attended by 30 NBA owners.

Comments (5)
  1. Phil says:

    To heck with the Ma Loof’s , why doesn’t the city of Sacramento call the loan, Demand payment in full or hand over the ownership of the Kings. When that happens, the city could then sell the Kings to that man in the LA area, who said he would buy the team. Win, win for all.

    1. Matt says:

      I believe I read in the case of default the City would only get a small part of the Kings…about 25 million worth.

  2. charlie says:

    if the arena for the kings does not get built, it will be a god send for tax payers. to damn much politics in this deal.

  3. charlie says:

    keven johnson is the mayor for the kings.

  4. Whitey says:

    Ah Phil… nice to see another one of your ignorant comments. First, the Maloof’s financial obligation is contractual. You can’t demand anything and I’m fairly certain owners can’t be forced to sell something they own. That is, unless we’re still living in the 16th Century. For the record, the city doesn’t own the Kings and you’re dangerously stupid.

    Charlie, thanks for your uninformed opinion too. Appreciate the ignorance. Kevin Johnson believes this project is good for the city. So does the majority of our city leaders… by a vote of 7-2. But hey, unlike you fools, they actually know what’s going on.

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