STANFORD (CBS13) – In the 1966 film “Fantastic Voyage,” a submarine, full of scientists, is shrunk to microscopic size and injected into the bloodstream of a seriously wounded diplomat.

Forty-six years later, the idea sounds less far fetched. In a Stanford lab, engineers are perfecting their fantastic voyage.

“And then, we can make it smaller,” said electrical engineer Professor Ada Poon, Ph.D.

Poon says smaller is the name of the game.

“We have been in this project for more than four years. So we encounter a lot of obstacles along the way and then we solve them one by one, said Poon.

Instead of a battery, which takes up lots of space, the device that will be used for travel is powered wirelessly with electromagnetic radio waves.

“The prototype we built is 3mm by 4mm. You can see here that we have a 2mm by 2mm receiving antennae,” said Dan Pivonka, PhD.

The result is a new class of medical devices that are so small they can travel through the bloodstream.

“Right now we could go to the arteries. The midsize could go through the arteries, but we want it to even go through some smaller bloodstreams,” said Poon.

These tiny devices may one day change how we perform diagnostic tests, deliver medications, and even do surgical procedures.

“We are pretty excited about it, but this is only the first step. We still have a long way to go in order to realize this fantastic voyage,” said Poon.

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  1. 'Nother son 'O Ursus says:

    Casn we drop one of these ‘Bio-U-Boats’ into Jo Ratzinger’s blood stream wih a preprogrammed virus…
    thereby forcing him to develop a sense of ‘right Vs. wrong’, re adults using children, with their built-in, (‘age & physical maturity-related’), birth control/sexual release functions?

    1. MotherGoose says:

      AHHHH, we were waiting for the made-up story of the day, and here it is, the April 5 distraction-of-the-day, to take away attention from Obabaa’s failed presidency, and most pathetic week yet.

      1. Ken says:

        Mother goose, did you mean Obama, the greatest president in the history of the United States, the president that makes Reagen look like Jimmy Carter?

      2. Maya Ayala says:

        @ Ken:

        Seriously? Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Abraham Lincoln. There has never been a less-qualified and more mediocre mind to grace the halls of the White House.

        Obama certainly inherited a bad situation (that Democrats who controlled Congress helped cause), but he made it WORSE. Things are worse today than they were when he was elected.

        To compare this current mediocre president with Ronald Reagan is like trying to compare some arrogant bench warmer with Michael Jordan.

      3. Cyborgmind says:

        This is NOT a “distraction” or made up… Welcome to 666…

      4. donald says:

        Ken……you do realize that you’re talking about Obama who, when interviewed and when asked “you do realize that when you REDUCE taxes you get MORE revenue that can be used for social programs” replied “yes” and then when asked “you do realize that when you INCREASE taxes you get LESS revenue” he also replied “yes”. Then when the interviewer asked “if you realize this then why do you still want to raise taxes” to which Obama replied “because it’s the right thing to do”. OK….and THIS is the greatest president in history that you are referring to???? Ken…….only a moron and complete idiot would raise taxes after admitting that lowering taxes gives him and the country more money to spend on social programs, yet this is exactly what Obama said he wants to do. He wants to raise taxes because he doesn’t believe in capitalism and wants to stick a dagger in the heart of what makes America great (capitalism) even though it means less revenue for the country and even though it kills jobs by raising taxes. This man is a socialist who views it as his job in life to destroy that which made this country great and he will drag the entire country to its knees to do so. If you doubt this, just ask yourself this: after having admitted that LOWERING taxes gives him more revenue to spend, why not do a “win-win” for the American people and lower taxes???? It’s a “win” for those of us who actually have to get up each day and work (to pay for the free-loaders who don’t) because we get to keep more of our own money through lower taxes and it’s a “win” for the social welfare weenies because they get more money for their programs so……why didn’t the “greatest President in history” recognize this and implement it? Answer: because as a socialist, it’s his way of providing “payback” to destroy a system (capitalism) that he views as wrong.

  2. 6578737437 says:

    I saw that movie as a kid.

    Raquel made quite an impression on my impressionable young adolescent mind!

  3. Frank says:

    Any device that is developed is likely to either break blood vessels or clog arteries.

  4. Namey says:

    Dr. Poon? LOLOLOL
    Great name for a porn star!

    1. Me says:

      Wonder if she likes TANG?

    2. Jack says:

      Or a James Bond villianess.

  5. Clint says:

    Q: What kind of a name is POON, anyway?

    A: Comanche Indian.

  6. sebassh says:

    Give me Raquel and this technology is then okay 😉

  7. Irwin Fletcher says:

    ADA Poon??? As in “ate a poon”?? Did her parents not like her or something? Geez. LOVE the Fletch comment! haha. Comanche Indian!!

  8. SG-1 says:

    the beginning of the Replicators…… 😉

  9. NY9Solyndra says:

    See! I told you so! Look at the great medical advances we can credit to Obamacare! 😉

  10. Sobrjns says:

    I managed to shrink myself to the size of a small caplet.; I also miniaturized a 1hp outboard motor and was able to travel 3 feet through 1/2″ copper tubing. I hope to publish this experiment sometime later this year.

  11. sph says:

    Didn’t they do this to Snake Pleskin?… I heard he was dead

    1. Polyphemos says:

      Yeah.. he gets that a lot..

  12. KenyanClown says:

    This story is complete HORSEPUCKY
    Way to go C—B.S.
    Your employes are such losers they should be working for the Government

  13. rent bounce house says:

    poon??? lol

  14. 1m2n says:

    When it comes to poon, smaller is better.

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