Don begins the day by talking about the Kings game on Thursday night, in which Dave, Phantom, Little Joe, and Craig will be competing against the cast of Good Day Sacramento in a dodgeball game at halftime, and the smack talk has already begun on Twitter! The guys then talk about the trailer for the new movie “Ted,” starring Mark Wahlberg and written by Seth MacFarlane. The guys all agree that by the looks of the trailer, this could be the greatest movie ever! Don then tells us about the frog in his backyard that was so loud it kept him awake last night, and even plays audio from his phone that he recorded from his upstairs bedroom. This leads Don to tell us about his neighbor who tried to kill a bat that flew into his house over the weekend. Ron and Billy from promotions then stop in, and Don sends them to the Planned Parenthood on Franklin Blvd in Sacramento to give away Kings tickets for Thursday night’s game.

Don then calls his brother-in-law Tom, who is visiting, and Don asks him to kill the frog for him. When Don hangs up, Dave mentions that Tom sounds like Mr. Rodgers, so Don calls Tom back up to have him recite some Mr. Rodgers lines. This gets the guys talking about some of the best Mr. Rodgers urban legends, including his “numerous arm tattoos,” and “being a Marine sniper and accidentally killing Beaver Cleaver.” Don then plays us a video of a teenaged girl who is still drugged up from oral surgery and thinks she’s a wizard.

We then get a visit from our good friend, Lindsey Pavao, from “The Voice.” Lindsey talks about her live performance Monday night, and making it to the next round.

Ron and Billy then call in from Planned Parenthood, and Don talks to the lucky listeners who got tickets. After discussing Burger King’s pulling of their Mary J. Blige ad because it was “too racist,” the guys get sidetracked on the Urban Dictionary, and find out what is in “Aunt Jemima’s Gumbo.” Dennis Hof from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch then stops by to talk about going to England to talk about prostitution, and tells us which of his ladies would actually perform “Eggs, Danny Thomas Style.”

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us the Sacramento City Council approved the new arena pre-development plans last night, gives us a GOP update, and tells us the “Top 20 songs written for movies.” And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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