The show opened with Grant breathing fire about the latest hiccup in negotiations for a new arena for the Sacramento Kings. The Maloofs have balked at some of the criteria on the previously-agreed-upon-but-never-signed term sheet, specifically the sum of around three million that’s supposed to be dedicated to pre-development costs. As a tenant, the Maloofs don’t believe that they should be on the hook for that money, beginning the first of what could be many road bumps during these public negotiations.

Rounding out the four o’clock hour, Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee joined the show to try and shed some light on why the two sides never signed the term sheet and how likely it is that negotiations fall apart after the Mayor’s office released a statement calling the Maloofs “disingenuous” in the dealings.

In hour two, Charles Davis checked in to update us on all the latest as teams prepare for the NFL Draft. Charles says the Cleveland Browns hold the key to unlocking the rest of the draft board based upon who they select at the four spot. Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M has improved from a mid-round QB prospect to the potential fourth pick strictly out of necessity.

Grant’s rant was basically a recap of the opening segment of the show, repeating that public bravado and rhetoric in the media will not accomplish anything towards building a new venue in Sacramento.

After fielding calls for the next hour about the status of the arena, Grant handed it off to Jason Ross for the final half hour to listen to the fans’ opinions and hash out why the two sides have decided to make negotiations public.


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