SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A baseball game between two local junior varsity teams gets heated and goes viral.

The fight broke out between Yuba City High School and Del Campo High School on Monday.

Now one team has bowed out of the Surewest-Woodcreek Junior Varsity Invitational entirely while another is expected to finish the tournament with a full roster. However, suspensions could be on the way for both teams.

Video of Monday’s baseball brawl is now one of the most popular clips on, racking up more than 35,000 views. It can also be seen on YouTube.

The video shows several members of Yuba City’s junior varsity team wearing yellow uniforms exchanging punches with a few players from Del Campo’s team.

Coaches and even parents struggle to break up the fight as some fans hurl insults from the stands.

“Congratulations, now go back to your farmland,” one fan can be heard yelling at the Yuba City team.

One parent is so incensed, she makes an obscene gesture toward coaches and yells out several expletives.

Richard Isola watched it all from the stands as the fight broke out in the sixth inning when the score was tied.

“We’re up to bat, got guys on base, tie game. I’m just watching the game and all of a sudden everybody’s going. I don’t have any idea what would stir it up other than just emotions I guess,” said Isola.

Del Campo players and coaches arriving for Wednesday’s game at El Camino High school told CBS13 off camera that both teams were upset with the umpires and tensions were high throughout with both teams jawing back and forth.

Not shown in the video is how the brawl started. Witnesses say Yuba City’s pitcher allegedly threw the ball at Del Campo’s first base coach.

After reviewing the video, Yuba City District Superintendent Nancy Aaberg said she expects to announce discipline as early as Thursday that reportedly could include suspensions or expulsion.

“It’s not the sportsmanship we want our students to demonstrate,” said Aaberg.

So far, Del Campo High School officials have not commented on the incident.

Comments (3)
  1. gna says:

    Disgusting behavior, shame on the spoiled brats

  2. Bugs says:

    They got in a fight and that makes them spoiled brats,you a kindergarten teacher or just putting something stupid on here for people to laugh at

  3. Bill says:

    If you watch closely, Del Campo players don’t throw any punches, but the creeps from Yuba City hit several players in the head from behind. Real classy mother too!!

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