SANTA MONICA (CBS) — The day after police pepper sprayed student protesters at Santa Monica College students and the college president are speaking out.

About 100 students had gathered outside a Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday night, chanting “Shame on you”, as board members discussed a plan to increase fees.

A campus police officer tried to subdue the crowd with pepper spray, which filled the hallway with vapor and caused students to flee. A video posted on Santa Monica Patch showed the incident in vivid detail.

For more, visit the CBS Los Angeles website.

Comments (3)
  1. christian says:

    boo freaking hooo… How about voting the turds out of office rather than creating a public disturbance. When a cop tells you to move maybe you should do so instead of being a jerk.. Just a thought.

  2. the viper says:

    christian they had a right to be there .but only a few got allowed in and they requested a change to a bigger building thus making it hard for all of the student council to be heard. only boooooo hoooo is the school .if its not their way all the time we will turn the cops on with pepper spray .in witch is wrong by the schools laws of being a open hearing for all to attened. now you stop being a jerk.

    1. MAC49 says:

      How about, Let just say, The protester stop distroying school property, causing unnecessary expenses, brought on by the students, and don’t go to that school, stop going and they will have no students, go to another school that is more affordable, Don’t keep costing the taxpayeers and the colleges more and more money. They have their rights, but the colleges also have their rights. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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