Trapped inside with the gunman roaming the halls, Oikos University’s Dean of Students says he’s never been so scared.

“I was evacuating people from other schools or other classes but I heard a lot of gunshots like five or six of them. I was trapped. I went into my room turned off the lights, locked the doors and took out the battery from my phone and laid down on the floor for 40 minutes,” said Chongjin Kim.

Thought of the Virginia Tech massacre from five years ago haunted him while he heard more shots being fired.

“This is one of the scariest things that could happen in America, gunshots. I was so scared that everyone might be killed in cold blood,” said Kim.

Kim managed to escape unharmed but he says he has now learned that the suspected gunman One Goh was a nursing student who had been expelled from his school.

Kim says thinks it’s unlikely that Goh was teased for his poor English skills, because the school primarily caters to international students.

“Everybody was an international student and they need to speak in English. I don’t think he was teased for his English. That’s nonsense. I think he lacked confidence enough to accomplish his studies,” said Kim.

He says Goh demanded his tuition back since he wasn’t doing well in school.

The director of the nursing program told Goh that it was too late in the semester to return the money.

Kim says that was last fall.

On the day of the shooting, Goh was looking for that nursing director. What Goh didn’t seem to know, that employee had left the school in October 2011.


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