STOCKTON (CBS13) – A body was found Saturday afternoon in Stockton, say police.

Police say the man’s body was found at 2 p.m. face down beneath the Eastbound Highway 4 overpass. They say he was likely there for a day.

The man is described as Hispanic, between 50-60 years old. His identity has not been released.

Police homicide investigators were called to the scene to investigate; however police won’t say what clues prompted the investigation.

Comments (11)
  1. oeoeo says:

    Wow, Stockton becomes a suspcious killing town. No wonder many dumb bages live there. Is is time to clean them up

  2. classic... says:

    why is this news? This is something that is about as common as finding road kill. Just call in the poor city employee that gets to clean up road kill…

  3. Mo Betta says:

    Ignorant + Bigoted = Jim!

    1. doc209 says:

      No, Jim just speaks the truth.

  4. doc209 says:

    Yeah, let’s keep letting them in through our southern border. They’re all just here to work my foot.

  5. Linda says:

    I think i will turn in my Citizenship card. Because if i’m illegal, The Americans will turn a blind eye and feed me, Let me drive ( And kill innocent Americans) with no Drivers lic and under the influence of tequila , let me breed endlessly and support my 6-8 Anchor children, While American Children sleep in the streets, And basically do what ever i want, As a Criminal !!!! HOLA!! ahhh the new (non) American dream.

    1. Thor says:

      Yes linda, we can thank liberals for selling out americans to appease their voting base!

      1. Linda says:


      2. James says:

        Who was the first to suggest amnesty? How about Ronald Reagan…go away please.

  6. Leigh says:

    Linda, Do you know a Murphey?

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