Body Discovered Beneath Overpass In Stockton

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A body was found Saturday afternoon in Stockton, say police.

Police say the man’s body was found at 2 p.m. face down beneath the Eastbound Highway 4 overpass. They say he was likely there for a day.

The man is described as Hispanic, between 50-60 years old. His identity has not been released.

Police homicide investigators were called to the scene to investigate; however police won’t say what clues prompted the investigation.

  • oeoeo

    Wow, Stockton becomes a suspcious killing town. No wonder many dumb bages live there. Is is time to clean them up

  • classic...

    why is this news? This is something that is about as common as finding road kill. Just call in the poor city employee that gets to clean up road kill…

  • Mo Betta

    Ignorant + Bigoted = Jim!

    • doc209

      No, Jim just speaks the truth.

  • doc209

    Yeah, let’s keep letting them in through our southern border. They’re all just here to work my foot.

  • Linda

    I think i will turn in my Citizenship card. Because if i’m illegal, The Americans will turn a blind eye and feed me, Let me drive ( And kill innocent Americans) with no Drivers lic and under the influence of tequila , let me breed endlessly and support my 6-8 Anchor children, While American Children sleep in the streets, And basically do what ever i want, As a Criminal !!!! HOLA!! ahhh the new (non) American dream.

    • Thor

      Yes linda, we can thank liberals for selling out americans to appease their voting base!

      • Linda


      • James

        Who was the first to suggest amnesty? How about Ronald Reagan…go away please.

  • Leigh

    Linda, Do you know a Murphey?

    • Linda


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