SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The average American who celebrated Easter today spent $145 on purchases like outfits and yes, Peeps. That’s up $11 from last year, according to the National Retail Federation.

CBS13 went to a local business today that believes the economy is turning around.

Forty pounds of coffee, more than a hundred bottles of champagne, and 600 eggs will be consumed before the day is done. It’s Easter Sunday at the Rio City Café in Old Sacramento.

“I have 20 servers on today; I have five bussers, two food runners, four hostesses, four managers and probably 20 kitchen staff,” said Phallon Miller, assistant general manager of Rio City Café. “This is great; I’m seeing a big increase in reservations.”

As much as 25 percent over last year!

One of the reasons?

“Amazing beautiful,” said Miller.

Weather only helps Rio City Café’s business this holiday.

“The weather’s been really good to us and we’re a weather contingent restaurant,” said Miller.

The Buenzli family made a reservation and kept their fingers crossed the weather would cooperate for an outdoor brunch.

“We were just hoping it would be nice,” said Tina Buenzli, a Customer.

And they’re not the only ones making this a holiday tradition.

“We come down here every year it’s a lot of fun,” said Buenzli. “We’re out spending money so that’s a good thing we’re helping the economy get better.”

The restaurant’s owner, Bill Diaz, says they’ve seen a steady increase but today proves the economy is turning around.

“The economy’s coming back and I’m seeing it in the reservations — 650 last year and already have 820 to start the day,” said Diaz.

This is the second busiest day of the year for Rio City Café. The number one holiday is Mother’s Day.


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