By Steve Large

VALLEJO (CBS13) – This was no angel. Preying on this church in a whole different way, breaking in on Easter Sunday.

But wouldn’t you know it – somebody was watching.

A new face in the crowd, the suspect, 58-year-old Kenneth Rhodes of Vallejo, sat in on the Easter sermon about Christ’s resurrection at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, but the new man at the morning service turned from good neighbor to nuisance by Easter afternoon.

“Yeah well, I was very surprised,” church financial officer Donald Johnson said. “I was also surprised because the man who broke into the church attended our Easter morning breakfast.”

After pulling up a white van, Rhodes reportedly tore through the church’s side door and made his way into the chapel. But his target this Sunday was no sum of money. Police caught him carrying two Bibles.

Church members aren’t sure why he didn’t just ask for them.

“He’s gonna have to answer to someone,” one member said.

“He was acting a little strangely when he was at church,” Johnson said.

On this church’s day of celebration, he may have missed the meaning. Next lesson: misdemeanor.

“Thou shall not steal, because now he’s gonna be punished.”

Damage to the St. Paul church doors will probably cost a couple hundred bucks.

An Easter break-in for a pair of Bibles – bad timing to try and rip off the good book.


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