LINDIN (CBS13) – “Speed Freak” killer Wesley Shermantine has drawn maps to possible remains but there hasn’t been any digging since February.

Now, his newest letter just delivered to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla reveals a rift between the serial killer and the FBI.

“He’s getting disenchanted with people not moving as quick as he’d like them to move, which is basically my feeling,” said Padilla.

Well, Shermantine says the FBI won’t start digging until they know exactly where to look and who they’re looking for.

“I’m writing the FBI this weekend to tell them to take a hike. I don’t want them to visit me,” Shermantine writes.

But, there may be an ulterior motive for threatening to cut off contact.

“He’s upset with the FBI, because they told him the victim count wasn’t high enough for a book deal,” said Padilla.

Shermantine then makes a case for how many victims there are and lists them by name or description.

“He says there are two Mexican women on Jack Tone Road. That’s new to me,” said Padilla.

“That’s 16 people right there, and I know he has more. Every place Herzog said was a victim, it’s all been true.” Shermantine writes.

He says he knows where. In some cases, he claims to even know who. But, why?

“I can’t tell you why all these people died, their [sic] was no motive,” Shermantine writes.


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