Short show today for The Grant Napear Show, as Grant broadcast live from Dallas. The Kings get set to play the Mavericks tonight. With the NBA season winding down and the MLB in full swing, callers were ready to talk about the hot topic of the day. The Miami Marlins suspended Manager Ozzie Guillen for five games after his comments in which he praised the Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

The NHL playoff picture is in full view, and Barry Melrose of ESPN joins the show to talk all things NHL. When asked how far the San Jose Sharks can go in the playoffs Melrose said, “It depends on what team shows up. St. Louis is a very good team. They are a very physical team. There are not very many positive vibes with San Jose as far as the playoffs.” Melrose went on to say that the one matchup that he is really looking forward to is in the west, with Detroit vs. Nashville saying, “I know its 4 vs. 5 but these two teams are very evenly matched.”


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