SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Gregory Babineaux, and another suspect on the run, are accused of being involved in a vicious, violent robbery spree that involved kidnappings and beatings.

Investigators say the terror tandem targeted people at night, sitting alone in their cars.

Armed with a gun and crow bar, Babineaux and the other suspect would allegedly force the victim into the passenger seat and take over the car.

Babineaux and his partner allegedly beat their victims into submission.

“Hit over the head with a blunt object. A crow bar we believe with the first one,” said Jason ????

The first victim was driven to a liquor on Watt Avenue. The suspects allegedly needed a human shield to commit their liquor store robberies.

Investigators tell CBS13 Babineaux and the other suspect would force the victim into a liquor store. Once inside, the victim would tell employees and other people in the store to get on the ground.

“And the two suspects followed him, closely behind him and actually committed the robbery to the store and the victims inside,” explained Deputy Jason Ramos.

After robbing the register, the victim they kidnapped, employees and customers, the suspects allegedly left in the victim’s stolen car.

“Apparently eight days later, they do a very similar type of incident in the south part of county,” said Ramos.


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