By Tony Lopez

FOLSOM (CBS13) – Dozens of youth athletes and their families suited up in Folsom to battle an opponent they say threatens their community — budget cuts.

The young demonstrators, all in red, marched to City Hall Tuesday night to protest proposed budget cuts that could reduce some sports programs and will increase the cost to play a sport by $25 per child.

“When we’re talking about a $25 increase per child, it doesn’t seem like much. But multiply that by four children and by three and four sports, we’re talking a huge dollar amount,” said parent Dale Colombo.

Some sports, like swimming, would have their season cut short.

“It’s not just the budget,” explained swim coach Leah Aguinaga. “They would be losing a lifestyle. And it’s a really good lifestyle that I think kids really need to have. Sports kind of makes everyone a family.”

Folsom’s so-called “rainy day fund,” unassigned cash on hand, has gone from $16 million six years ago to $2.5 million today.

And it is not just sports programs on the chopping block, nearly 30 positions in the city could be eliminated. Among them, five police positions, two members of the fire department and the assistant city manager could be out as well.

The city council did not make any final decisions on the budget.


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