Today, Don starts by telling us that Dave accidentally took his wife’s car keys with him to the station today, so during the Cavalcade he had to drive back and drop them off. Don then talks about the passing of Dick Clark at 82, which leads Dave to ask who will complete the trifecta started by Mike Wallace and Dick Clark. Dave says Regis, which scares Don into saying a prayer to God, which he has Craig transcribe. We then hear the ratings for the first quarter, and we are at #2! Don thanks all of his listeners, and then tells them to call those hacks across the street, who are at #1, to congratulate them. He also rips the hacks a new one, in true Doni G fashion. We then hear a new Mel Gibson rant, in which at one point, he yells “Hooorrraayyy!!!” This drop has the guys laughing hysterically!

The guys go back to discussing the passing of the great Dick Clark, and play a few clips from his shows American Bandstand, and New Years Rockin’ Eve. This gets Don talking about what he wants people to do to him if he becomes incapacitated, and the guys have a few ideas of what they would do to him as well. We then get a visit from the legendary Bill Walton. Bill, who will be at tomorrow’s Kings game (which is also Grateful Dead Night), talks about recovering from back surgery, the lessons he learned from John Wooten, his love for the Grateful Dead, and how all of this relates to the “Game of Life,” and choosing to be happy in this lifetime.

After the guys recover from the greatness of Bill Walton’s enlightenment, the guys play a game of “Famous Dicks,” before going into the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us Delonte West was fined $25k by the NBA for the “Wet Willy Incident,” a school principal geys reassigned for show “You Cna’t Fix Stupid” to his faculty, and a Mega Millions update. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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