By Steve Large

MODESTO (CBS13) – This neighbor dispute really has the fangs coming out.

It’s neighbor against neighbor in what became a cat crisis.

“If he had told me, all he had to do is come over here and tell me there was a problem. Put collars on your animal. He didn’t say well I’m trapping animals and if you just put a collar on him,” said said neighbor Hallie Robinson.

Phil Sumner says he’s no catnapper, but he is a cat trapper.

He traps cats with no collars that show up in his yard, then releasing them into a forested park, roughly a mile from his block.

His latest catch, though, turned out to be the neighbors.

“He had no right to take my pet, he could have. One over to talk to me, he didn’t have to take him and dump him,” said Robinson.

Robinson is terrified of what’s become of her cat Woody.

“He was just a little baby. He has no idea what’s out there,” said Robinson.

She posted a sign to warn other cat owners of the “neighbor with no heart.”

However, there are no apologies from Sumner. He felt he needed to take action or otherwise put up with “the stench of their urine, and their defecation.

“People who own cats should be responsible for them. Cat owners are almost without exception, irresponsible,” said Sumner.


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