LINDEN (CBS13) – Nearly 14 years after Cyndi Vanderheiden vanished; she is finally being laid to rest.

In February investigators unearthed Cyndi’s remains at the bottom of a ravine in Calaveras County.

Cyndi was just one victim murdered by the speed freak killers Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine.

Shermantine led investigators to the remains of their victims. Cyndi was found on his family’s property.

“It’s bringing all the memories back 35,” said Kimberly Lovejoy, Cyndi’s sister.

When Cyndi disappeared in 1998, her sister wondered, prayed, and wished for a safe return.

Saturday, at Cyndi’s memorial service, she says that hope came flooding back.

“I want her back. I just want her home,” said Lovejoy. “I know she’s home, but I miss her so much that I wish she was here with me.”

After years of heartache, a family is done waiting for their Cyndi.

However, they may never stop wondering why.

“I’ve never seen my dad cry and it was really hard,” said Lovejoy.


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