By Kurtis Ming

Sacramento teacher Sue Bollig was finally becoming a homeowner.

“This is going to be the studio, my art studio,” Bollig said, showing her new home. “It’s wonderful.”

But when Bollig said she was hit with a $340 early termination fee from her old cable company — since the company couldn’t provide service to her new address, she called Kurtis.

If your provider doesn’t offer service at your new address, can they still stiff you with an early termination fee?

“I really thought that I could move it over to the new place and it would be a breeze,” she said.

But just two miles from her old house — SureWest doesn’t provide cable and Internet service.

She said the company wanted a $340 early termination fee.

“[The customer service agent] said, ‘Well, we don’t service that area. Therefore, you are terminating your service early,'” Bollig recalled.

CBS13 reviewed the Bollig’s contract, which said nothing about moving. But the contract did say Bollig agrees to pay for a year of service which started in December 2011.

“[Customers] should expect the company to live up to their agreement. It’s a two-way street,” said the BBB’s Gary Almond, who also said it’s only fair Bollig hold up her end of the contract.

CBS13 reached out to SureWest, which agreed, with a smaller service area, customers can become stuck if they move.

SureWest told CBS13 it gives customers an alternative, however.

Customers can pay an early termination fee, or the company will rip up your contract and let customers retroactively pay the month-to-month rates for the service they used.

In Bollig’s case, it will cost her $115 instead of the $340.

Bollig said the company never gave her that option, but she planned to take it, using the money she saves to fix up her house.

“I have some estimates on the roof,” she said, smiling, “and I will say ‘Come and do the work as soon as it quits raining.'”

AT&T said it waives customers’ termination fees if the customer moves, but they handle each customer on a case-by-case basis.

Comcast told CBS13 it won’t waive fees if even if you move.


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