By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The NFL draft is just hours away, and for one local athlete that means it’s time to sit and wait.

As his lightning-quick moves slice through the overgrown grass on a damp, rain-soaked field Wednesday night, just one look at the speed of this young cornerback and you realize why Sacramento native Asa Jackson is a likely NFL pick.

You could almost feel the draft as he speeds on by.

On this, the eve of the NFL draft, you can definitely feel his excitement.

“The goal from since I started this process was to be one of the first 100 picks, and from everything I’ve heard up to this point that is still a possibility,” Jackson said.

By everything he’s heard, he means from scouting reports, feedback from his NFL workouts. And perhaps the biggest voice? Inner thoughts of not making the NFL haven’t entered his mind.

“No, that hasn’t really been a thought because I really do believe that positive thinking helps create positive action,” he said.

There’s been a lot of positive in this young athlete’s life. A star quarterback at Christian Brothers High School, Asa went on to play at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where the 5-foot-10 defensive back and special teams star had six interceptions, forced five fumbles and averaged 18 yards a punt return.

Big numbers for a player who’s not a big guy. But what about that explosive speed?

“That’s something that has helped me overcome maybe my lack of size,” he said.

How about a self-described scouting report? “First and foremost, they need to know he’s a playmaker when he has the ball in his hands. They should know that I have good feet, I get in and out of my breaks quickly.”

But for this athlete who’s used to things happening fast, he knows the process of the NFL draft will be slow.

The draft starts Thursday, but if reports are right that Asa goes in the later rounds, that would mean he gets a call from an NFL team on Friday or Saturday.

He’s got some more hours to dream.

“From this whole point I’ve been real relaxed, but I have had some dreams of getting some calls so hopefully it’ll work out like I’ve dreamed it up to be,” he said.


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