PATTERSON (CBS13) – City Councilmember Larry Buehner says air quality regulations could be keeping Project X from bringing more than a thousand new jobs to Patterson.

“The district itself has new rules that’s [sic] almost making it too expensive to deal in the Valley,” Buehner told CBS13. “I think its what’s been holding things back.

But who may be coming: it’s the worst kept secret in town. Rumors flying for months that will build a distribution warehouse on vacant land.

A company with ties to the giant internet retailer just closed escrow on the property, giving people here hope that new employment is on the way.

But those jobs could go up in smoke.

The San Joaquin Valley is home to the second worst air quality in the nation and has strict rules for new development.

“Because that business is in the Valley and individuals who live in the Valley are subject to some of the toughest rules and regulations,” explained Buehner.

The regulations require new development to either lessen their carbon footprint or pay thousands of dollars in fees to offset pollution created by increased traffic.

But now, it appears the real concern is just getting the deal done.

“We’ll see, hopefully real soon, if the air pollution works, if they work this out,” said Buehner.

And Councilmember Buehner has special knowledge of the deal, because he was one of the owners of the property just sold.


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