SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago that the Foothill Farms High School baseball field was a sight for sore eyes.

“Didn’t even want to play on it to be honest with you,” said Senior Mitchell McDonald.

McDonald says his teammates were embarrassed to host another team.

“When you play, you want to be proud of the field you play on and look good, presentable to other teams and schools,” said McDonald.

But they couldn’t be proud of the dead grass, potholes, and weeds filling the field.

“It’s bumpy, rocky holes in the batters box, fence was half coming down,” said River Cats Spokesperson Zak Basch.

When a player was injured, Head Coach Jim Crum says something had to be done; but budget cuts prevented the district from pitching in to help.

“The schools in crisis with the state economy, and so on, you know there’s limited funds. So we have to do it all,” said Crum.

Until, Sutter Health and the Sacramento River Cats stepped in with a $50,000 grant to renovate the field.

“It’s almost like building a brand new field from scratch. It was in that bad of condition,” said Basch.

Now there is fresh green grass and no potholes in sight.

This is the fifth field that has been rebuilt as part of the Sutter Health and Sacramento River Cats “Fit For Life” program.

“The field you play on is a reflection of you as a team and a community; and, to have something nice is always a positive thing,” said River Cats’ relief pitcher Neil Wagner.

McDonald’s first reaction to his new field was nothing short of surprise.

“I was speechless,” said McDonald.

Now the Foothills Farm team can’t wait to host their next home game.

“The kids love it and, you show up everyday and see this field, it’s like a little Raley’s Field here,” said Crum.


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