Today’s announcement that the Maloofs and the city of Sacramento were unable to agree on a deal for a new downtown arena ruled the Friday show.

Callers were enraged that suddenly the dream of a downtown facility has been crushed in the last couple of weeks after all indications between both sides in the media were that a deal was imminent as recently as the All-Star break.

George Maloof called in to discuss why a deal for a new arena in Sacramento met its demise. George says their was never a “deal” in place, despite the glad-handing that happened in Orlando. George claims that they backed out because the deal was also harmful to the city and they didn’t want to put Sacramento in a tough spot.

As a brief reprieve from arena talk, Grant’s Rant centered around the rush to hand out grades for the NFL Draft before any of the picks have even signed a contract.

After the rant, the show continued with reaction to George Maloof’s interview. The topic had many listeners lined up to share their thoughts on the condItion of the team.


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