GRAYSON (CBS13) – Sgt. Anthony Bejaran of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department says the body of the 17-year-old male last seen floating down the San Joaquin River has been found.

Family members positively identified the body of 17-year-old Eduardo Alvarez.

On Monday Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office and Fire Department responded to the river at 8622 Dos Rios Road near the small town of Grayson at 4:51 p.m. for a 17-year-old male who needed help.

Alvarez was out swimming in the river when he started having problems. A friend reached out to grab him, but couldn’t hold on to him. He floated down the river and vanished.

Alvarez was found about a mile north of the Grayson Road Bridge over the San Joaquin River.


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