Don begins the day with what he calls the “Kirk/Spock” phenomenon, which apparently is a series of gay fantasy stories involving Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock from Star Trek. Don reads quite a few of the stories, before a quick mention of the passing of the great Junior Seau, which the guys discuss further when Sean Salisbury joins them.

We also hear a clip from Good Day Sacramento yesterday, in which Mark S. Allen and Lisa Gonzales are tricked into saying “Ball Liquor” while reading a Facebook post. We then get an in-studio visit from a guy named Sam Platz, who shaved his goatee in the shape of the Batman sign, took a picture, and put it on the internet. The picture has now gone viral, and Sam tells the guys about how he came up with the idea to shave his face in such a way.

After hearing a rap song from a preteen white boy named “Krispy Kreme,” Don shows us how to make obscene gestures in other countries.

We then hear the Good Day Sacramento clip, and the guys isolate Lisa’s laugh, as it sounds hilariously obnoxious. Don even says it sounds similar to Herman Munster’s. Don then goes into more Kirk/Spock stories, before Sean Salisbury stops by. Sean talks about the passing of his good friend Junior Seau, apparently by suicide, the emotional roller coaster he’s been on for the past 24 hours, the dark times in his life that he’s experienced, and the history of depression among ex NFL players as a direct result of the damage done to their bodies during their career. Sean also finishes up with one of his favorite stories: a hilarious “painful urination” bit he and Junior staged to keep the guys loose in the locker room.

After the interview, Don explains why he got irritated with ESPN’s coverage of the Seau tragedy, as it began to seem as though they were exploiting it after a while. We also hear the gut wrenching clip of Junior’s mother, just moments after finding out about her son’s passing. Don then lightens the mood by telling us about a girl who was robbed at fork-point for her Pabst Blue Ribbon, which resulted in a free 12 pack given to her by the cheap beer company, and a Japanese man who lost his parakeet, only to have it returned to him when the parakeet himself actually gave authorities his home address.

After playing a video of serious movie scenes, with corny laugh tracks added in, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about a new movie on the capture of Saddam Hussein, and new internet ideo game starring Balki from “Perfect Strangers,” internet porn that contains secret Al Qaeda plans, and Jessica Simpson signs on with Weight Watchers. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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