The death of NFL legend Junior Seau hung a dark cloud over the show, as the news broke earlier in the day that Seau was found in his home with a gunshot wound to the chest as a result of an apparent suicide. Grant led off the show with his thoughts on the situation and fielded a number of calls from callers that were sad to hear the news as well as curious as to what would cause someone so young to take their own life.

Barry Melrose checked in with an update on the NHL Playoffs. Prior to the postseason, Melrose chose the Los Angeles Kings as his “dark horse” to compete for the Stanley Cup, and at this point it seems to have been a wise choice. Melrose also discussed the inconsistent minutes for Alex Ovechkin and how it’s been benefiting the Washington Capitals. Barry further forecasted big changes for the San Jose Sharks after they once again followed up an outstanding regular season with a disappointing showing in the playoffs.

Greg Van Dusen, who helped get the first two arenas built in Sacramento, joined to shed some light on the possibility of renovating Power Balance Pavilion. Van Dusen says that the previous reports that renovation would be too costly are incorrect and that the building could be completely reinvented for as little as a third of the cost of the proposed downtown arena. He also addressed the reports that a renovation would be in violation of a law preventing the spending of that kind of money on a building in a flood plain.

Grant’s rant today regarded the New Orleans Saints and their inability to reach a contract agreement with star quarterback Drew Brees in the midst of their scandal-ridden offseason.

John Smoltz chimed in with some baseball talk during his weekly show, touching on Stephen Strasburg, pitch count monitoring, arm injuries for pitchers, and why much of it can be traced back to our obsession with the radar gun. Smoltz posed the question as to whether a soft-tosser like Jamie Moyer would even be able to sniff the big leagues now that organizations have become so enamored with the power arm.

Austin Collie of the Indianapolis Colts discussed the New Orleans Saints’ bounty scandal, saying that Jonathan Vilma’s season-long suspension was “a heavy price to pay”. Austin is hosting some football camps in the Sacramento area and looked to spread the word.


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