Frank-Paul Santangelo joined Grant to talk some MLB. They discussed the recent game in which Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels intentionally hit Nationals rookie Bryce Harper on the first pitch. They discussed the fallout from the game and whether or not a 5 game suspension for Hamels was the right decision. They talked about the Nationals season so far and where they think they can go

Mike Breen joins Grant to talk about the NBA playoffs and what teams are setting them selves up for a trip to the NBA finals. They discussed LeBron James and the Miami Heat as well as the rash of injuries that hit most of the playoff teams towards the end of the season. Grant also asks if the NBA should reseed their playoffs after each round the way that the NHL does

Wrapping up Monday’s show Grant was joined by Ken Korach. They talked about the recent success that the A’s have had as well as where the team can go from here. Ken also gave his input on Cole Hamels intentionally hitting Bryce Harper then admitting he did as a “welcome to the big leagues kid” moment. A must listen for any A’s fan!


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