FOLSOM (CBS13) – He was accused of using excessive force, but after a lengthy court battle, the state prison guard won his job back.

But on the first day back on the job at California State Prison-Sacramento on Tuesday, Sgt. Aaron Ralls wasn’t even given a chance to actually work before being placed on administrative leave in the first step toward his termination – again.

“He was handed a letter that he was back employed, and then 10 seconds later he was handed packets of paperwork for additional disciplinary action,” said his attorney, Daniel Thompson.

It was the shortest first day back on the job for after a four-year court battle.

“He was accused of excessive force when he tried to prevent an inmate from swallowing some form of contraband,” Thompson said.

Now, after getting his job back he’s once again on paid administrative leave.

“When he came back today, they served him with three more disciplinary actions they tried to serve him with in the past,” Thompson said.

An appeals court overturned Ralls’ termination of employment after finding that it was not supported, but now those disciplinary actions are back to haunt him again.

“He is frustrated and upset, him and his family have been put through the ringer,” Thompson said. “He lost his income and lost his retirement.”

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation refused to comment on any of the allegations, saying only: “We cannot discuss personnel issues, especially ones that are pending.”

Ralls’ attorney says they are not surprised by any of this.

“Unfortunately with the stunt they tried to pull four years ago, we expected the possibility that they would try it again,” he said.

The attorney wouldn’t discuss any specifcs of the allegations but said his client would continue to fight the disciplinary action.


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